AI-Powered Test Automation for Healthcare

Accelerate and de-risk healthcare application testing with Virtuoso's innovative, AI-powered test automation platform. Achieve increased test authoring capability, faster delivery times, improved testing accuracy, reusable tests, and cost-effective quality assurance.

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Healthcare Testing Landscape

Delivering quality healthcare applications at speed requires the adoption of AI-augmented test automation, particularly Generative AI. There has been a renewed interest in leveraging GenAI to generate test requirements in recent years. These advancements in the healthcare software testing landscape will reduce testing costs, streamline business processes, and drive improvements to product and software quality.

What Problems Does Virtuoso Solve?

As healthcare teams make rapid advancements in digitizing their products and processes, Virtuoso’s AI-powered test automation platform empowers them to scale such operations with reliability and security. QA practitioners can now benefit from cutting-edge, AI-powered tests that will increase quality and testing efficiency and lower the overall cost of test automation.

Virtuoso provides:

Codeless Test Automation

AI-powered testing approach for-sprint regression with improved testing efficiency by 99%

Codeless Test Automation

Test data generation capable of handling the large volumes of test data required

Codeless Test Automation

End-to-end testing approach that enables seamless customer experience.

Codeless Test Automation

Reduction of time-to-market by 80% with our self-healing tests

It's author, execute, report, maintain.
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Test authoring is no longer a marathon, it’s in-sprint

Author tests and watch a bot validate each step right before your eyes on a headless browser. Let’s talk you through that again. Our bot validates your test as you write it; you know your test is fit for purpose as you write it.

No app, no problem. Create fully executable functional UI tests from requirements or wireframes pr-development.

Execution shouldn't be excruciating

Virtuoso lets you execute tests when you want them, where you want them, and how you want them. Not available to supervise? No problem, simply set up a schedule using intelligent features such as the execution planner.

Then integrate with your CI/CD tool of choice and let the tests run the second the code is done.

What gets reported, gets done

Get an instant, in-depth understanding of your application's state and testing progress. Understand why your test failed with Virtuoso's Root Cause Analysis functionality.

Integrate with your favourite bug tracking or test management solution to fully integrate with your tech stack.

Get self-healing, "mucho" maintainable tests

Don't spend hours looking for changes to selectors or dynamic IDs; let our bots instantly nurse tests back to health, and get tests that behave like your users do.

Self-healing… that works. No more brittle, flaky tests. No more time spent debugging.

Why Do Healthcare Companies Trust Us?

We empowered digital business for a global leader in contact lenses, lens care, and prescription pharmaceuticals. With support from Virtuoso, they reduced manual testing and time to test, while improving their speed and quality in testing. They were equipped to maintain solid innovation with improved lead time and competitive advantage along with a three-year potential ROI of $200K+.

We helped a leading digital healthcare solutions provider automate upwards of 6000 test journeys, reducing their labor costs by 94% as a result, and improving the efficiency of their monthly release cycles. FTE involvement in the test cycle reduced from 475 days down to 4.5 days per release.

Why Choose Virtuoso for your Healthcare Testing?

Codeless Test Automation

Generative AI for Test Data

Automatically generate realistic, scenario-specific test data with our AI-powered functionality, and enable robust, comprehensive testing.

Codeless Test Automation

Robust Live Authoring

Author tests in plain English and instantly know whether each test step will pass or fail as you write, driving speed and cost efficiency.

Codeless Test Automation

Self-Healing Tests

Reduce the time, effort, and cost of maintaining regression test suites by allowing AI/ML to do the heavy lifting.

Codeless Test Automation

Shift-Left Testing

Autogenerate and pre-author tests from your requirement documents. 

Codeless Test Automation

Cross-Browser Testing

Build one test, and run it on the latest browser, OS, and device, ensuring consistent coverage.

Codeless Test Automation

End-to-End Functional Testing

Combine functional testing and API calls, and enable complete end-to-end functional testing of your applications.

Codeless Test Automation

DDA (Disability and Discrimination Act) Testing

Load relevant countries’ AXE libraries, designed to check for accessibility violations.