How to Migrate your Selenium Testing: Zero risk, zero ramp-up, zero reasons not to watch.

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Transitioning from Selenium to new technologies can be scary - like, really scary. You know that advancements in Machine Learning have changed the game with regard to test automation. But you are also acutely aware that there have been many false starts when it comes codeless test automation. If only there were a way to guarantee you were adopting the most future-proofed test automation technology and completely de-risk the adoption process. Well there is, and it’s good that we decided to create a webinar around the subject.

If you want your testing focus to be on finding actual bugs and not locating and maintaining flaky tests. If you want to increase authoring speed but still have the power to test the most dynamic of applications. If you want to see how Virtuoso will migrate your Selenium testing for free and run them in parallel with your current framework. Then pull up a chair, and witness how:

  • Author fully executable tests using Natural Language Programming before your application is created 

  • Obliterate maintenance and empower the best minds to concentrate on QA and not fixing flaky tests

  • Increase both front and backend test coverage

  • Harness the power of ML to deliver tests that think and behave like your users

Your host

Andrew Doughty: CRO and co-founder at Virtuoso, Andy believed there was a real opportunity to make a difference to how companies carried out testing through a combination of bold thinking and new technology. He has extensive experience working with companies, helping them improve the way they approach test automation

James Bent is our Head of Sales Engineering at Virtuoso, with a vast and detailed knowledge of automation. He keeps things simple even when talking about the most technical of topics or dealing with dynamic applications. When not empowering people to test at speed and scale in the cloud he can be found on the courts of his local tennis club.