AI-Powered Test Automation for Independent Software Vendors

Boost speed and reduce the risks associated with software application testing using Virtuoso's advanced AI-driven test automation platform. Unlock enhanced test authoring capabilities, expedited delivery timelines, reusable test assets, and efficient quality assurance.

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Common Challenges Faced by Independent Software Vendors

Codeless Test Automation

Product Development and Maintenance
Software products often demand extended timeframes for completion across the various stages of development, testing, iteration, and final delivery.

Codeless Test Automation

SaaS Migration
Many ISVs face challenges with moving to a single code base SaaS solution, instead of bespoke installations for each customer.

Codeless Test Automation

Integration with Third-Party Services
Each customer may have myriad ways of integrating their internal systems with their ISV solution, causing bottlenecks in solution development and customer implementations.

Codeless Test Automation

Undefined Testing Strategy
Without a clearly defined testing strategy and framework, ISVs are prone to tight release schedules, leaving little room for testing.

An Enterprise-Ready Test Automation Platform for Independent Software Vendors

Virtuoso combines the power of Live Authoring with AI-powered capabilities built for ISVs, with complex enterprise-level software applications.

Improved Time to Market
Product build and release teams are enabled to release new features faster, thanks to Virtuoso’s business-readable codeless journeys. With reduced dependence on technical resources, testers are freed up to focus on more complex tasks, reducing time to market.

Effective Customer Implementations
Build ‘lift and shift’ assets and reuse across customer instances for enterprise technologies. This ensures the quality of releases and quicker, more effective customer implementations.

Deliver Unmatched Quality
Ship tests with value-added test packs to ensure successful deployment and handover. This provides an effective path for end customers to launch new releases without quality issues.

Truly Shift Left
Shift left by automating from requirements and moving automation fully in-sprint. Reduce your software's time to delivery by moving test automation earlier in the CI/CD cycle.

Why Do Independent Software Vendors Trust Us?

Codeless Test Automation

Composable Testing that leverages reusable product scripts for multiple customer implementations

Codeless Test Automation

Functional SMEs are enabled to automate without any help from engineering

Codeless Test Automation

End-to-end business process testing including UI and APIs

Codeless Test Automation

Reduced risk of taking product upgrades for ISV end customers

Virtuoso features in applicationVirtuoso features in application

A leading data company automated their functional testing and regression packs from wireframes for a new portal before any code was available. 84% of tests ran successfully for the very first time.

A global digital healthcare solutions provider was enabled to reduce their labor costs by 94%, with a drastic reduction in FTE involvement from 475 person days per release to 4.5.