AI-Powered Test Automation

Unlock the Best of Both Human and AI Worlds with AI-Powered Test Automation

Explore Virtuoso’s AI-powered and intelligent capabilities that are enabling the future of faster, more efficient, and more scalable testing.

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Explore Virtuoso’s AI-Powered and Intelligent Features

Virtuoso’s cloud-only platform has millions of test executions across a wide variety of applications that our intelligent algorithms learn from and use to improve. Combined with Virtuoso’s Live Authoring capabilities, you have a test automation platform that is set to evolve the landscape of AI-powered testing. 

See How We Do It

Virtuoso does not rely on Xpaths or selectors, but intelligently identifies objects as a human would, ensuring you build robust, low-maintenance, and self-healing tests. 

Intelligent Object Identification

Author tests using plain English. Now, sit back and let our Machine Learning-powered bots intelligently identify elements based on your given hint. With Intelligent Object Identification, they parse the DOM and collect relevant selectors, IDs, and attributes to build a model of the element. 

No manual effort or programming knowledge required whatsoever!

Intelligent Object Identification

Virtuoso uses Intelligent Object Identification to make your tests behave as your users do. Virtuoso’s bots intelligently understand hints about elements as a user sees them on the screen and not unreadable pieces of techinical DOM selectors. They can identify page elements, even when their selectors change. 

Self-Healing Technology

Tests auto-heal for dynamic application and environment changes. This eliminates expensive and painful manual adjustments to your tests just to compensate for changes in your web app's internal selectors.

AI-Powered Extensions Assistant 

Virtuoso’s AI Extensions Assistant is powered by Generative AI. It offers the ability for users to generate code out of plain English commands and extend the platform capabilities by using custom JavaScript snippets.

This enhances the speed of coding: users can create their own Natural Language without having to be an expert at JavaScript.

AI-Powered Test Data Generation

Leverage AI test data generation to make test scenarios even more realistic with zero effort.

With automated test data generation, test scenarios better reflect reality, increase confidence in testing, and accelerate test creation and coverage while saving time. 


When dynamic properties change, Virtuoso’s self-healing tests automatically identify errors, proactively remapping elements and repairing tests automatically. This saves you crucial time that would have been spent on test maintenance. 

Our self-healing tests have been accepted by users over 95% of the time!

AI Powered Extension Assistant

In the case of advanced or specific scenarios that may require a bit of code, Virtuoso’s AI-powered Extension Assistant does the job for you by extending the platform’s Natural Language & generating code out of plain English commands.

This enhances the speed of coding– in the matter of 2-3 simple steps, users can create their own Natural Language without having to be an expert at JavaScript!

Still Looking for Reasons to Adopt AI-Augmented Test Automation?

Codeless Test Automation

Fit Right into Continuous Testing

Automate multiple tests to run in parallel, as frequently as you like. Speed up test execution turnaround by 70% and implement Continuous Testing throughout your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Codeless Test Automation

Boost Accuracy

With an AI-backed approach, eliminate manual error and pick up on even the finest of changes to dynamic data. Reduce test authoring time by 60% and empower your teams with more time for development.

Codeless Test Automation

Obliterate Test Maintenance

Unlock the full power of self-healing tests that work proactively rather than reactively to fix errors, and cut down on test maintenance.

Codeless Test Automation

Gain Competitive Edge

The need for speed in software development is real. With AI-powered test automation, you can finally deliver on the promise of shipping at scale and quality!