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Transform your insurance application testing with Virtuoso's innovative, AI-powered test automation platform. Achieve faster delivery times, improved testing accuracy, reusable tests, and cost-effective quality assurance.

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Insurance Industry Challenges

Customer experience and high-quality software have catalyzed the demand for rigorous Insurance Application Testing. As the insurance industry is a complex network of several small units (call center, claims, policy serving, underwriting, etc.), each unit must be rigorously tested for efficiency, so that it may deliver the intended outcomes.

The testing challenges faced by the insurance industry are multifold:

Codeless Test Automation

Lack of automation leading to increased test cycle time and delayed releases

Codeless Test Automation

Improperly defined test coverage leading to bugs in development and production

Codeless Test Automation

Tedious regression testing processes slowing time-to-market

Codeless Test Automation

Test automation development that fails to keep pace with insurance applications’ customization efforts

Codeless Test Automation

Need for a test automation solution that accommodates migration to the cloud with seamless management of related IT issues, saving time and money for insurers


How Does Virtuoso Partner with Insurance Companies to Enable Their AI-Powered Test Automation Journey?

Digital maturity is imperative to insurers adapting to their changing marketplace. Traditional challenges such as protracted test cycle times, inadequate test coverage, and cumbersome regression processes are now being addressed with AI-powered test automation solutions such as Virtuoso. Our capabilities are built to address the unique needs of the Insurance domain.

Insurance-Specific Scenarios

Efficient testing for several insurance-specific scenarios such as policy endorsements, claims processing, and premium calculations.

Operational Assurance

Virtuoso helps insurers test and ensure that critical digital systems are working, performant, and delivering consistent customer experience, 24/7.

Seamless Cloud Migration

Ensure that critical functionalities are preserved and optimized, even as your legacy systems transition to the cloud.

AI-Powered Automation

Reduce the manual effort required for test maintenance, especially beneficial for large and high-growth systems.

Centralized Test Management

Enable cross-team collaboration through a system that prioritizes centralized test management, execution, and reporting.

Built to Scale

Handle both API calls and functional testing, and enhance test coverage, system scalability, and responsiveness.

Endless Integration Opportunities

Integrate seamlessly across multiple policies, claims management systems, and APIs to meet the insurance market’s niche needs.

Why Do Insurance Companies Trust Us?

Our clients run full regression testing for all their critical systems daily in < 1 hour.
Teams are 3x more productive with Virtuoso, helping our clients reduce headcount costs by over ⅓.

We enabled the world’s largest insurance broker to:
Codeless Test Automation

Increase in-sprint test velocity by 25%

Codeless Test Automation

Scale up to 80% higher productivity through automated testing

Codeless Test Automation

Lower their manpower resources by 60%

Here’s the ROI we generated for a leading insurance software player:
Codeless Test Automation

92% savings by authoring automated tests using NLP

Codeless Test Automation

A transformative 96% reduction in test maintenance efforts by leveraging AI/ML-led, self-healing tests

While Virtuoso helps insurers test their insurance software, we are also capable of testing other enterprise apps that would be part of insurers’ digital ecosystem.

The world’s leading marine insurer leveraged Virtuoso to automate testing of their enterprise apps such as Oracle and Salesforce

The implementation of AI test automation through Virtuoso has led to a dramatic 95% reduction in manual interventions.