Let our bots do your heavy lifting

To keep pace with modern software delivery, Virtuoso has put together a crack team of bots, each with their own set of distinct, well-honed capabilities. Capabilities that make them a dream for testers. If you have bugs, they will find them. They'll enable the quality-first revolution for you.

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If you can read this sentence, you can author sophisticated tests now

Welcome to a world where no coding skills are required to author tests for a quality-first automation approach to QA. If you can write a manual test, you can author sophisticated tests before the code is written that can be executed immediately.

Test authoring is no longer a marathon, it’s in-sprint

Author tests and watch a bot validate each step right before your eyes on a headless browser. Let’s talk you through that again. Our bot validates your test as you write it; you know your test is fit for purpose as you write it.

No more author, execute, debug, repeat. Simply author once, see that your test has been tested. Spend time finding bugs and not debugging tests. All in-sprint and at never-before-seen velocity: Low-code/No-code Live Authoring: we can confirm it’s definitely not a recorder.  

Easy author

Write out tests using natural language syntax. That means you can use plain English to write tests that can be automated at the click of a button and executed immediately.

Now, anyone on the team can write powerful tests including ones that deal with dynamic data, assertions, iFrames, and API calls - and everyone can see what is being tested. It’s that easy, and it works!

Meet the need

Build tests from requirements and know that you are testing business-critical parts of your app.

Ensure you are not just building in the right way but building the right thing. And that you are always ready for release.


Join the transformative revolution of putting quality first by authoring before or during development.

Speed up your quality assurance process by authoring tests from designs, requirements, and even wireframes. Integrate with CI/CD and have your tests ready to run the minute the code is done.


Execution shouldn't be excruciating

Virtuoso lets you execute tests when you want them, where you want them, and how you want them. Not available to supervise? No problem, simply set up a schedule using intelligent features such as the execution planner.

Let our bots inspect
your DOM

Using technical details at the DOM level, Virtuoso will intelligently locate elements correctly - even where multiple exists. You can rely on this high degree of accuracy, even with different devices, browsers, and resolutions.

What bottleneck?

We believe software testing should be just as continuous as CI/CD. And traditional test automation has never been able to keep pace. Which is why by authoring early, you can run tests from CI/CD pipelines as soon as your code is ready - and if that wasn't enough for you lucky people, you can also deploy them in parallel.

On point everywhere

Run your tests on any device, browser, OS, and environment (dev/test/UAT/Production). And of course, Virtuoso will provide screenshots for them all so that you can keep track of the results. Virtuoso is continuously upgrading so you will always have the latest browser, OS, and devices available to test.


What gets reported, gets done

Get an instant, in-depth understanding of your application's state and testing progress. See clear results and insightful analyses of test executions. Seamless, effortless, simply flawless.

The dashboard never lies

Any user in your organization can access reporting dashboards to gain visibility across the testing status of projects and goals. This is fast feedback right at your fingertips! See at a glance how many tests have passed and failed, and let your entire organization have a single source of truth.

It failed - what now?

Put quality first by getting to the root cause of problems. Gain detailed insights into the DOM, network performance, and page console logs to understand where tests have failed - and how you can fix them. See your testing history and understand when the test last passed.

Build the right thing

Virtuoso makes it easy to go one step further and validate that the appropriate quality tests are being executed for each build. Map requirement coverage and traceability to ensure that business and user needs are met every time. Rest assured - you’ve built the right thing in the right way!


Get self-healing, "mucho" maintainable tests

Don't spend hours looking for changes to selectors; let our bots instantly nurse tests back to health, and get tests that behave like your users do.

Banish brittle

Using element selectors together with AI, Virtuoso automatically detects when an Xpath, ID, or element selector changes dynamically, updating it utilizing probability-driven algorithms.

Self-healing… that works. No more brittle, flaky tests. No more time spent debugging.

Automate like a human

Virtuoso uses Intelligent Element Discovery along with advances in Machine Learning to make your tests behave as your users do. Given a hint, Virtuoso bots intelligently identify page elements even when their selectors change. Say goodbye to debugging tests and hello to intelligent test automation at scale.

Click your broken
tests better

Don't spend time gathering information, simply click and go. If a test failure is due to changes to the test step, testers can do a one click fix, picking the new element from interactive screenshots that show the information you need. Once fixed, you can execute immediately.

Visual Regression

Visual Regression

Blinking pixels? Double text? Shifted images? Nobody wants to be that person. Virtuoso will catch every visual regression, right down to pixel level.

Always ready for release

Use the DOM of any release to capture visual snapshots, then run it again on your next release.

Virtuoso will automatically highlight any visual regression - including those you couldn’t spot yourself.

Animated gif of Virtuose product

Back to the baseline

Set a baseline snapshot of your application’s perfect state. For each subsequent release, simply compare the current release back to the baseline.

Virtuoso is here to help keep you grounded.

Stay on brand

Quickly test and assure the look, feel, and style of your web application, without having to manually review every single page.

Focus on regressions by filtering and reviewing changes to capture changes or assure those changes where intended.


API testing capabilities

Combine your functional and API tests for complete end-2-end testing, and absolute test coverage. Easily build API calls with a powerful and intuitive user experience. Get out-of-the-box API testing capabilities and not just some hacky workaround.

The truest reflection of user experience

Generate tests that encompass both the UI and API layers, ensuring your entire app is operating at an acceptable performance level. In short, perform end-2-end tests that behave like your users do.

API testing for anyone

Generate out-of-the-box API calls with simple intuitive workflows.

Empower your manual or functional testers to create sophisticated API calls that can be validated, stored in collections, and then used in conjunction with functional tests.

Get velocity

Service driven architecture requires more API testing but often lacks speed. Well, not anymore.

Send your microservice testing velocity off the chart by incorporating them into your functional journeys. Have one test to rule them all!