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Business Systems Testing Landscape

Business systems today are more than just customer databases, sales pipelines, and logistics. They are highly complex, interactive systems that enable several business-critical functions. To truly impact a company’s sales engine, business systems require test automation that enhances both customer experience and ROI.

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CRM Testing

Virtuoso’s low-code, AI-powered test automation is designed to automate testing for any CRM platform, enabling the entire team to build automation at speed by removing complexity. 

Codeless Test Automation

Scale testing and improve coverage without writing a single line of code

Codeless Test Automation

Streamline complex business workflows and enterprise applications

Codeless Test Automation

Enable cross-functional collaboration across QA, IT teams, and process owners

Codeless Test Automation

Deliver a world-class customer experience

ERP Testing

Testing ERP applications comes with the complexities of integrating across several different business processes, customization needs, and diverse business process workflows. Virtuoso offers:

Codeless Test Automation

AI-led testing that revolves around business process workflows, data integrity across modules, role-based access, and transaction processing

Codeless Test Automation

End-to-end business process validations, data integrity tests, and load testing, especially for critical transactions

P&C (Policy and Claims) Testing

Policy and claims testing is an integral aspect of the insurance software development and testing process. With AI-led test automation, businesses can identify vulnerabilities early on and bolster their P&C systems’ performance, reliability, and security. 

Codeless Test Automation

Testing that focuses on the system's ability to accurately monitor and control processes, handle real-time data, and manage its integration with other systems

Codeless Test Automation

Due emphasis on continuous monitoring and control scenarios, integration testing, and performance under different physical conditions or loads

It's author, execute, report, maintain.
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Test authoring is no longer a marathon, it’s in-sprint

Author tests and watch a bot validate each step right before your eyes on a headless browser. Let’s talk you through that again. Our bot validates your test as you write it; you know your test is fit for purpose as you write it.

No app, no problem. Create fully executable functional UI tests from requirements or wireframes pr-development.

Execution shouldn't be excruciating

Virtuoso lets you execute tests when you want them, where you want them, and how you want them. Not available to supervise? No problem, simply set up a schedule using intelligent features such as the execution planner.

Then integrate with your CI/CD tool of choice and let the tests run the second the code is done.

What gets reported, gets done

Get an instant, in-depth understanding of your application's state and testing progress. Understand why your test failed with Virtuoso's Root Cause Analysis functionality.

Integrate with your favourite bug tracking or test management solution to fully integrate with your tech stack.

Get self-healing, "mucho" maintainable tests

Don't spend hours looking for changes to selectors or dynamic IDs; let our bots instantly nurse tests back to health, and get tests that behave like your users do.

Self-healing… that works. No more brittle, flaky tests. No more time spent debugging.

Why Choose Virtuoso for your Business Systems Testing?

Codeless Test Automation

Generative AI for Test Data

Automatically generate realistic, scenario-specific test data with our AI-powered functionality, and enable robust, comprehensive testing.

Codeless Test Automation

Simplified Test Authoring

Author tests in plain English so both business and technical stakeholders can equally contribute to the testing process. 

Codeless Test Automation

Self-Healing Tests

Reduce the burden (and cost) of maintaining cumbersome test scripts that require frequent updates and customizations with self-healing tests.

Codeless Test Automation

In-Sprint Testing

Enable in-sprint testing by writing fully executable UI tests from wireframes, even before the application is built. 

Codeless Test Automation

Cross-Browser Testing

Build one test, and run it on the latest browser, OS, and device, ensuring consistent coverage.

Codeless Test Automation

End-to-End Testing

Combine functional testing and API calls, and enable complete end-to-end testing of your applications.

Why Do Enterprises Trust Us With Their Business Systems Testing?

We enabled one of the UK’s leading film and television studio facilities to build their regression pack within just 7 weeks, with a single tester who developed automated tests for 20+ business processes across Budgeting, Cash and Bank Management, Credit and Collection, Expense Management, and Fixed Assets. 

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