Guidewire Test Automation

Accelerate and De-risk your Guidewire Test Automation Journey

Digital Transformation is changing the way insurers do business, as they deal with aggressive timelines and quality standards to build bug-free applications with speed and agility. 

Virtuoso features in application

Typical Guidewire Testing Challenges

As insurers migrate their core applications to Guidewire’s Cloud solution hosted on AWS, they are faced with multiple testing challenges.

Codeless Test Automation

Lack of automation leading to increased test cycle time and delayed releases

Codeless Test Automation

Improperly defined test coverage leading to bugs in development and production

Codeless Test Automation

Tedious regression testing process slowing time-to-market

Codeless Test Automation

Test automation development that fails to keep pace with Guidewire customization efforts

Solve the Top Guidewire Testing Challenges with Virtuoso

Virtuoso’s low-code/no-code test automation platform is built to enable continuous, automated testing for business-critical cloud applications such as Guidewire.


Our testing is both repeatable and adaptable to dynamic changes in the system, enabling insurers to bolster the speed of software upgrades and make features available more quickly to their customers.
No manual effort or programming knowledge required whatsoever!

Our Capabilities

Codeless Test Automation

Build once, use everywhere

Reusable test steps and self-healing with reduced test maintenance.

Codeless Test Automation

Ease of use

Anyone can write tests using plain English.

Codeless Test Automation

Data-driven Testing

Self-healing & data-driven tests that cover all business processes and functionality in Guidewire.

Codeless Test Automation

In-sprint Automation

Automate large regression test suites quickly.

Codeless Test Automation

Gain Competitive Edge

Fast and agile enough to automate changes coming with each monthly release.

Accelerated Delivery with Proven Business Outcomes

Increased Scalability
Codeless Test Automation

10X more efficiency in authoring, executing and maintaining tests.

Reduced Cost
Codeless Test Automation

Natural Language Programming-powered test automation, enabling reduced cost per test by 75%.

Increased Speed with Quality
Codeless Test Automation

Software testing completed 3X times faster, shifting left in the SDLC to release quality software sooner.

Rapid Time-to-ROI
Codeless Test Automation

Testing teams see time-to-ROI within one quarter, enabling short-term transformative gains.