Virtuoso Is Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform, and Deeply Integrated With DevOps Tools.

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*Virtuoso supports all versions of these browsers

DevOps and Collaboration

GitHub Logo


Virtuoso integrates deeply into your development processes on Github.

Jenkins Logo


Virtuoso’s Jenkins plugin enables you to fit Virtuoso test execution, snapshot comparison, etc. into your pipeline.

XebiaLabs Logo


XebiaLabs is the leader in scalable and reliable software delivery automation.

Slack Logo


Configure Virtuoso to notify you on Slack on failures and unexpected outcomes.

CircleCI Logo


Integrate with your development process, and even commit Virtuoso tests and results along with your code.

TestRail Logo


Configure Virtuoso to automatically push detailed execution results to TestRail.

Microsoft Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure

Azure. Invent with purpose.

Git Logo


Easily integrate Virtuoso with your development process, and commit Virtuoso tests and results along with your code.

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Microsoft Teams

Get notified on MS Teams when a journey or plan fails or doesn’t meet your execution thresholds.

*We support a lot more software

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