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  • Author fit-for-purpose tests without engineering skill

  • Automate the most dynamic and difficult to test apps

  • Obliterate your test maintenance overhead

  • Leverage the latest technology to test more and earlier

  • Completely remove testing as bottleneck in your SDLC

  • Have a lot of fun doing it

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Prepare to transform your testing regime

Functional Test Automation

Self-healing tests

Make tedious, time-consuming test maintenance a thing of the past with tests that fix themselves.

Visual Test Automation

Snapshot testing

Ensure your app is always ready to release. Set baselines and be alerted to any visual regressions

Codeless Test Automation

True codeless test automation

Free your talent and increase your speed and scale. Write test for the most dynamic apps in plain English

SAP 4HANA Test Automation

Business systems testing

From SAP to Oracle, Dynamics to Salesforce or any other. Get peace of mind with business critical systems.

Cross Browser Test Automation


Build once test everywhere. Smash your execution time and run the same test on every browser, OS, and device.

Brand Assurance Automation

Test more, test earlier

Take a quantum shift to the left. Build complete test from wireframes, requirements, or gherkin syntax

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