Our mission is to enable and lead the world’s quality-first revolution

QA tools haven't kept up with the demands of the testing world. Virtuoso is here to deliver with AI-powered, low-code/no-code test automation to support the modern business.

Virtuoso features in application

Virtuoso technology represents the foundation for software quality in the digital world, and we are proud to be a critical, guiding force in the era of AI.

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Derren Nisbet
CEO, Virtuoso

Our Story

Virtuoso was developed by a team passionate about improving the quality of low-code/no-code test automation software without slowing down the development process. As work shifts more to the cloud and teams work remotely, on-premise software has become unwieldy and a bottleneck. We've reimagined test automation software by pioneering the next generation of low-code/no-code testing - all on the cloud. We believe anyone can test, and we're delivering on the promise of low-code/no-code test automation.

A Dream was Born

Our founders, Adil Mohammed, Hugo Farinha, and Andrew Doughty, came up with the idea of smarter test automation and the process of perfecting a test automation tool began.

Develop the Dream Right

Revolutionizing is not an easy task and much time was spent making sure Virtuoso was the right tool.

The Dream is Released

In Spring 2019, Virtuoso was released into the world and began changing the way software was tested.

America, Baby

Virtuoso successfully crossed the pond and onboarded its first US-based customer: MacMillan Learning.

Series A

We were able to accelerate our growth through a funding round that garnered $13.3 million.

One Giant Leap for Quality

In one small step on the Virtuoso journey, Live Authoring, a game-changer in test authoring in terms of speed and accuracy, was launching.

The Debut of GenAI

Virtuoso added several features starring Generative AI and held a GenAI-themed hackathon.

Our Culture

Our culture is team-centric and aims to help our people work in the way that suits them best, whether by traveling to one of our office spaces or working from anywhere in the world they want.

Having fun is a huge part of that from retreats abroad to weekly sponsored lunches to virtual events.

We believe that:

Codeless Test Automation


The world of QA hasn’t kept up with the software industry’s transition to Agile development.

Codeless Test Automation


Companies need a way to easily build better tests so they can release the highest of quality software faster.

Codeless Test Automation


The new standard in QA is intelligent automation - knowing exactly what and when to test without being told.

Codeless Test Automation


It’s time to deliver on the promise of low-code/no-code test automation.

Codeless Test Automation


Quality should be at the heart of economic growth for all companies of all sizes.

Codeless Test Automation


Sophisticated test automation should be accessible to all, both devs and non-coders.

Codeless Test Automation


QA teams should know the criticality of their work and that they can have fun doing it. 


Do you want to help make ship happen faster?

Our team is passionate about helping launch the world test of automation into the future and empowering everyone to easily create their tests - and we’d love to have you along for the adventure!

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