Our mission is to enable and lead the world’s quality-first revolution.

The field of QA has not kept pace with the software industry's transition to CI/CD. We are fixing that by, for the first time, delivering on the promise of codeless test automation.

About Virtuoso

Our story

Virtuoso was developed by people who want to both improve the quality of software that gets released into the world without slowing down the development process.

The more we have moved to the cloud, web, and mobile interfaces, the harder this has become for teams. Tests and test automation have become a burden to create, maintain, and scale.

We have reimagined how software is tested by developing a game-changing platform that is already being used by the biggest names in software. We passionately believe that anyone should be able to create and maintain tests regardless of their technical skill, and that quality is a key driver for change and growth. The latest advances in AI and Machine Learning have been leveraged to produce test automation software that thinks like a human, empowers everyone to test, and for the first time delivers on the promise of codeless test automation.

Our Culture

Our culture

We are building people-centered culture which empowers our team to work in the way that best suits them and provides support with the right tools, training, and development.

Let’s not forget the importance of having fun! Our team does plenty of that; from retreats abroad to weekly sponsored lunches to virtual events.

We believe:

  • The world of QA has not kept pace with the software industry’s transition to agile development. We’re going to fix that.

  • That companies need a way to easily and confidently build better products faster. Release the highest quality software sooner.

  • The new standard in QA is not only test automation, but also intelligence automation –the ability to know exactly what to test, when, without being told.

  • It is time to deliver on the promise of codeless test automation

  • That, in our technology dependent world, quality is at the heart of economic growth for companies of all sizes, in all industries. Simply, quality wins.

  • Sophisticated test automation capabilities are for everyone: both developers and non-coders. For example, we enable manual testers to become automation engineers.

  • Software QA should be just as continuous as CI/CD, and the community of QA workers all over the world should know the criticality of their work and the fun they can have doing it.

Don't just take our word for it

See what our clients say

Leader Romans Group Logo

Virtuoso is very intuitive, which means creating comprehensive automated tests to replace manual test steps is easily done.

Clare Goldstone, Business Solutions Analyst, Leaders Roman Group

MacMillan Learning Logo

Virtuoso’s NLP abilities proved that anyone can add functional test automation with ease. Our team uses Virtuoso everyday for testing any new feature developed, as well as to maintain a regression base that enables us the power to run cross platform testing.

Debojit Gogoi, QA Manager, Macmillan

Valutico Logo

Very convenient tool, saving a lot of manual testing. It's a way to be worry-free when releasing new stuff.

QA, Valutico

Expleo logo

Virtuoso's natural language test authoring is fast and easy to use. This has enabled the whole team to automate at pace. We look forward to working with the exciting new features planned in the near future.

Majella Pinto, Technical Engineer, Expleo

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Here at Virtuoso, people are our biggest asset and critical to our success. We have a talented team from all over the world with one shared mission to create a groundbreaking product that solves real challenges faced by millions of organisations across the globe. We are always looking for the brightest talent to join us on our journey, check out our latest opportunities here.

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