Test Automation for Healthcare

Published on
October 13, 2022
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

Automation tools are the optimal way for a healthcare company to reduce their testing costs, increase speeds, and protect patient privacy.

In the post-pandemic era, healthcare providers are fast catching on to the promise of tech-first, patient-centric solutions that are accurate, reliable, and secure to handle vast volumes of sensitive data. Patient care and support, electronic health records, and payment operations are some of the key focus areas that are rapidly undergoing digitization.

While time-to-market remains an essential business criterion, software quality and streamlined IT operations are crucial in gaining a competitive market share. As a QA or IT team stakeholder in the healthcare sector, your focus is on delivering an improved patient experience while enhancing ROI and continuously improving the quality of your healthcare applications.

Most likely, you are no stranger to the undue stress and strain of releasing quality software with limited time and resources. Not to mention the fact that you are working with large volumes of sensitive patient information!

Enter Test Automation for the Healthcare Market

As healthcare teams make rapid advancements in digitizing their products and processes, test automation can empower them to scale such operations at a faster pace.

A robust test automation solution lends security and risk management while handling vast volumes of sensitive patient data. Because nobody loves it when confidential patient information is breached!

What’s more, test automation helps preempt the pitfalls of manual testing, which we all can agree is error-prone and resource-intensive. By doing away with human intervention, it lets AI-powered bots take over repetitive test cases typical of the healthcare sector. This helps free up QA testers’ time to focus on more complex test cases (thankfully, there are still some jobs best left to humans).

Test automation solutions geared towards the healthcare sector also enable seamless compliance with mandatory regulations such as HIPAA and PSQIA.

Choosing the Right Test Automation Platform

Now that we’ve covered just how the healthcare sector can benefit from automated testing, let’s dive right into choosing the right test automation platform that’s best suited for your unique requirements.

  1. Identify key business goals, for example — optimizing resource costs by automating a set of tests that are repetitive while emphasizing the quality of both the code and the application.
  2. Focus on continuous improvement of software quality – ask yourself 'how can I better manage product releases with every upgrade?'
  3. Establish clear project requirements — based on the scope and breadth of the tests, you can choose the most optimal test automation solution.
  4. Determine your budget – a cost-benefit analysis will tell you more about the time spent on learning the new platform, time saved via automation, and derived cost savings.

Benefits of Test Automation- The Low-Down

Quality-First: IT operations in the healthcare sector are very nuanced and require a ‘quality-first’ approach that enables faster releases while catching critical errors well ahead of time. With test automation, accuracy and reliability go hand-in-hand.

Need for Speed: Test automation provides speed and agility that enables the automation of updates on a weekly or monthly basis, helping deliver new software features faster.

Continuous Improvement: As test automation is geared towards continuous improvement of software quality, it is highly adaptable to dynamic environments, typical of the healthcare sector. This improves the product upgrade capabilities and helps better maintain product releases.

Error-Proof Testing: While manual testing is high maintenance, with lower ROI and higher dependence on human resources, test automation provides improved patient data security, higher ROI, and reduced errors.

Direct Cost Savings: Test automation solutions can also enable faster regression tests, which directly translate to improved cost savings. What’s more, by automating your testing efforts, you can spend more time on live authoring with zero maintenance!

Faster Validation: QA and IT team stakeholders can better collaborate on releases and product upgrades, reducing friction and helping achieve faster validation.

With Virtuoso, Ship Happens Faster!

At Virtuoso, we realize that the pressure to release faster and more often is all too real. Our secure, codeless, robotic test automation platform is geared towards accuracy and scale, empowering engineers and non-engineers alike to automate tests pre-development and in-sprint!

Here are just a few of our solution capabilities:

  • Automate tests pre-development
  • Enable live authoring with zero lead time
  • Scale automation through self-healing tests

Our clients swear by these results:

  • 9x increased test authoring speed
  • 85% reduced test maintenance costs
  • 93% accuracy across customer applications

Curious to see Virtuoso in action? Here’s a video of how our codeless functional UI, integration, and end-to-end testing platform can be used to test within the healthcare sector across multiple integrated applications in data-driven workflows.

That’s not all! We’d love for you to join us on our webinar, Test Automation for Healthcare, on November 8. You can register here to join our VP of Solutions Engineering, James Bent, as he discusses how to enable test execution with optimal human intervention, in-sprint test automation, and best practices to maintain patient data security and privacy.

Can't wait for the webinar to go live? You can either book a demo or sign up for a free trial and let the product speak for itself!


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