Virtuoso Enables Complete In-App Communication

Published on
November 24, 2022
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

Virtuoso does all it can to make your testing life easier, including getting information to your teammates!

Cloud-based applications can have some great benefits, one of which is a streamlined way to communicate with your teammates in-app. And Virtuoso is no different! We know that you’ve got Slack, email, Discord, and plenty of other ways to communicate (speaking of, we’re launching our own Discord server, so stay tuned!), but we strive to make things even easier for you. After all, in this age of fast-paced digital communication, speed is king. So let’s take a look at all the ways Virtuoso can make your communication life easier.


We’re starting off rather simple - after all, you’ve got to save the best stuff for last! You can leave comments at the bottom of the testing timeline and tag your teammates with @username. And you can customize your comment too with Markdown support! Embedded links, bolded text, italics, highlighting, bullet points - the whole nine yards! When someone tags you, you get an email alerting you.


This isn’t quite as strict as in-app, but you can still communicate with them! If you integrate with Slack, say, then you can set up alerts for when tests run, fail, raise an error, or pretty much any Virtuoso event. We’ve got a list of our most popular integrations, but if there’s something you’re not seeing, that’s where Virtuoso’s open API comes in! Can you say “custom integrations”? If we don’t have an out-of-the-box integration, then you can build a new one tailored to your exact needs.

URL Sharing

Ok, folks, this is the good one. This is a feature that kicked off with our Live Authoring. Have you testers ever had issues trying to show a dev a bug you’ve found? Or have the devs out there vainly tried to recreate a bug that you were told about? We’ve solved your frustrations! Now, when Virtuoso finds a genuine bug (flaky tests are out of the question with our mighty self-healing) and alerts you in your preferred method, it’s time to share it with the devs. You can simply copy the link from the exact test that failed, and it’ll recreate the bug, environment, and DevTool information all at once. This way, the dev can see the exact conditions that created the bug. Less time on recreation (none, in fact), and more time fixing the problem!

So, have we piqued your interest? Well if you liked our bit on integrations, we do a lot of other kinds of integrations with ticketing and development tools too! And of course, since Virtuoso is cloud-based, there’s complete visibility in-app. Ready to try it out? Sign up for our free trial, and invite your testing buddies too so you can try out the communication for yourselves!


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