Test Automation While Migrating to Guidewire Cloud

Published on
February 17, 2023
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

The migration to Guidewire Cloud has created some difficulties in test automation, so using a tool that can keep up with the switch is essential.

Guidewire has been a highly popular software for InsuranceSuite applications, and there has been a huge migration over to their cloud platform. Guidewire Cloud helps manage new insurance products and aids with analytics and streamlining updates and maintenance. But if you're here, you probably know what it is and are more concerned with your test automation. 

What are the Challenges?

So let's dive right into the challenges with migration from the Guidewire desktop application to the Guidewire Cloud platform. Desktops are designed to host applications, so they do so very well and with few problems. On-premise test automation software also works well with on-premise applications (like Guidewire). Enter: The Internet. 

The internet was originally created to share information, not to host web applications, but people did what people like to do, which is to make things do what they're not supposed to. And complex web applications are far newer than the internet itself, especially when the cloud is involved.

So what does this have to do with test automation? When migrating from a desktop to a cloud app, you're moving from an older, more established environment to a fairly modern technology. Older test automation works great on on-premise software because that's what they were built for, but when they test cloud applications, this is where the hiccups occur. Why not use newer technology that's specifically built for newer apps?

Complete test coverage is essential to prevent bugs from making it into development and production, and cloud technology that’s designed to work with other cloud technology will provide that coverage. Slower regression testing also results in slower time-to-market, so a test automation platform that can run in parallel and execute faster is essential. 

What's the Solution?

Integration problems between on-prem test automation and cloud software aren't unheard of, especially in the transition between different kinds of software. When moving over to cloud software, it's ideal to have cloud test automation. Not only will their integration be much smoother, but intelligent cloud test automation will understand the application better.


Virtuoso's cloud-based test automation is the perfect tool to help you during your migration to the Guidewire Cloud platform. Our tool was built to work perfectly with cloud software and prevent testing from becoming a bottleneck. Plus if you're migrating testing from Selenium, we'll help you move all your tests over as well as train your team on Virtuoso's scripted, codeless test automation. Nothing like a 9x increase in authoring time to get your testing up and running from day one. So what are you waiting for? Book a demo with our team for a custom look at how Virtuoso can work for you, or get started on your own with a free, two-week trial


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