Test Automation for Salesforce

Published on
February 23, 2023
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

If Salesforce is an essential part of your business, then automating your Salesforce testing ops is just as essential.

With an application as complex as Salesforce, it can never hurt to make sure that everything is working as it should. In fact, if you use Salesforce, you should absolutely test it to take control of your own systems and data to ensure everything is flowing smoothly. Salesforce is an important tool for many businesses, and if something goes wrong, it can impede your sales department and obstruct your business continuity. However, since it’s such a robust application, there are challenges with testing it.

What are the Challenges of Salesforce Testing?

Salesforce has a number of moving parts, which makes testing it automatically challenging and testing it manually time-consuming.

Complex Configuration

Salesforce is highly customizable, which means that every time one feature gets updated, all the others are at risk of breaking. Now this train of thought might sound familiar if you've read our blog on microservices, and Salesforce supports a microservice architecture. This makes testing a challenge since there are so many moving parts.

Frequent Updates

Frequent system updates can make the number of tests necessary absolutely explode, so manual testing or tests that need to be configured manually isn't scalable. Some test automation frameworks don't support parallel testing natively and need more extensions and more time from the testing team to make it work. 

Dynamic Elements

Dynamics elements like IDs and URLs can easily break automated tests that are not robust enough to handle changing data. Some businesses may find a way around the issue of dynamic data by simply fixing all these tests as they break, but this isn't a scalable solution and it's tedious and time-consuming for the testing team, and frankly, not a good use of their skill sets. 

Third-Party Integrations

Integrations with third-party applications can also present testing challenges, especially with automated testing. If any errors from the integrations come up, they can present themselves as product errors, sending the testing team on a wild goose chase looking for the source of the error to send to the dev team. Plus, just because your test automation tool has access to your product doesn't necessarily mean it has access to the integration.

Solutions to Testing Salesforce

Now we're not the type to present these challenges without telling you that we have the solution. Or, more accurately, our solution has multiple solutions all tidied up in one powerful tool. 

Introducing Virtuoso.

Robust, Scripted, Codeless Testing

Even though we're a low-code tool, we're no recorder. We're a powerful Natural Language Programming tool that uses the code that English speakers learned as children: plain English. And with the precision of scripted test steps, you can test even the most complex and customized of applications like Salesforce. 

Agile Parallel Testing

Virtuoso's testing is fast and agile enough to test the changes that arise with each release, no matter how frequently. Plus, with parallel testing, our automated testing is scalable to handle as many tests and as much data as you throw at it.

Self-Healing Testing

Our self-healing tests can understand even the most dynamic of data with Intelligent Object Identification. By collecting all IDs and attributes of an element, tests won't break when they encounter data that changes. No more fixing brittle tests, and you don't even have to collect all those attributes yourself. We do it all for you.

Headless Browsers

Virtuoso does all its testing with headless browsers, meaning that every time it runs a test, it's run on the most recent version of your site with all its live integrations and current data. This also enables the writing of end-to-end testing to ensure that each step of a customer's journey will work as it should. API testing with predetermined data can also ensure that integrations are correctly interacting with the main Salesforce application.

So what are you waiting for? We've got a two-week free trial that you can sign up for with no strings attached to see how powerful Virtuoso is to validate your Salesforce testing, and if you need some tips getting started, check out our videos on testing Salesforce. Or if you have more immediate testing pains, we want to relieve them with a custom-built solution for you, so if you book a demo, we'll show you exactly how we can help. Talk to you soon!


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