Our Virtuoso Winter Wrap-up!

Published on
March 1, 2022
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

A lot has happened since November, so we’ve got all our updates in one neat little place for you to check on!

A long time ago, in a testing software far, far away… There was a Winter of 2022 update! Ok, so not so long ago or far away, but at least we’ve set the tone for our features update! There’s a whole lot to get through starting in November, so let’s jump to lightspeed! 

A November of API

That being said, we’re going to start small, but in the words of our beloved Yoda, “Size matters not.” Our first November update was being able to pin items to the sidebar like extensions, test data table, goals, pretty much anything you want to be able to access quickly. Next up was an improved dashboard for cross-browser execution plans where you could see a mini-report for each device. Our last November update was a big one though:

We introduced API testing! Which is something fairly complicated to a non-technical person (like yours truly), but Virtuoso still uses NLP for API calls. But not only can you test your API layers, you can also use the API calls in your functional tests as well. We even hired a new bot to join the team! Glady5 handles all of the API testing, and you can read more about her here

December’s Element Selection

Our December (and properly winter) updates started off with an improvement to our API testing, as we’re always looking for any way to better our platform. After all, this is the way. We introduced creating tokens with a more limited scope, so they only perform exactly what you want them to.

We also improved our screenshot feature, which was admittedly already pretty awesome. But now when you switch to seeing the page before the element interaction, you can click on the element selector to see all the information that Virtuoso gathered about it.

January’s API Tweaks

We decided to start the new year with a feature to stop! Ok, that one might require more explanation: from the activity dashboard, you can now stop all running jobs with one click. Just one of those little quality-of-life updates. 

Next up is that now you can move around your API tests and folders within a project or take it up to the organization level so everyone you work with can have access to it. We also beefed up our search bar, so you can now find requirements and API tests by using the global search field. We decided to keep upping our new API testing, so we also enabled you to define default values so you can test APIs more easily without changing the values. And even more API goodies! You can import your Postman collections into your project instead of recreating them from scratch. Now you can conserve all of your time while whispering “my precious…” - wait, wrong universe. 

Integrating into February 

February started off with a bang by partnering with LambdaTest! Now, you can execute jobs on custom browsers using LambdaTest. Going even further, you can plug in your own dedicated cross-browser desktop and mobile execution grid to Virtuoso, with support for Browserstack and LambdaTest. 

We’ve realized that Virtuoso has gotten quite the upgrade over the past few months, so we’ve upped our in-app help! We’ve now got a little ? icon in the top right corner of Virtuoso that shows off our help section and live chat support. 

Whew, that was a lot! We want Virtuoso to be the best it can be, and that can involve a lot of updates! If you don’t use our platform but you’re thinking “Help me, Virtuoso, you’re my only hope,” then we’re happy to oblige! A quick hop through hyperspace and you can book a demo with us where we can show you the ropes, and even a sneak peek of how Virtuoso can test your site!

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