Test Automation for CRM Apps: Extending Functionality to do More

Published on
October 27, 2022
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

Codeless test automation empowers businesses to test and release high-quality CRM software that streamlines complex business workflows and enables a world-class customer experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems today are more than just customer databases and sales pipelines. They are highly complex, interactive systems that enable several business-critical functions. To truly impact a company’s sales engine, CRM platforms require test automation that enhances both customer experience and ROI.

Why is CRM Testing Essential to Business?

With every new upgrade, a business’ CRM platform becomes increasingly complex with further functionality and integration of critical enterprise applications. In order to meet business goals such as cost optimization and exceptional customer service, CRM platforms need to be tested for operational efficiency and coherence.

Poor testing implementation could mean a poorly synchronized CRM system that leads to disgruntled customers and employees and loss of brand reputation, not to mention revenue losses.

The ideal CRM testing platform or application enables businesses to future-proof their CRM and:

  • Scale testing and improve coverage without writing a single line of code
  • Streamline complex business workflows & enterprise applications
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration across QA and IT teams
  • Deliver a world-class customer experience

Enter: Codeless Test Automation for Your CRM

Many a time, your business’ CRM is handled by multiple stakeholder teams such as Sales, Business Development, Marketing Ops, and IT. It is crucial that your CRM Testing strategy emphasizes quality-first with faster validation, error-proof testing, and a cross-functional approach that involves all key stakeholders.

With codeless test automation, critical errors can be caught well ahead of time, the system becomes highly adaptable to dynamic environments, and there is a markedly reduced margin of error that is typical of manual testing.

What’s more, teams are empowered to accelerate their testing and improve test coverage, as compared to traditional regression testing which is a manual and time-consuming process.

Choosing the Optimal Test Automation Solution for Your CRM

Investing in the right test automation platform for your CRM is a crucial business decision with a far-reaching impact on both your business performance and customer experience. Here are a few questions to ask before settling on any one service provider:

  1. What are the different levels of access and permission used by your stakeholders?
  2. How complex are your CRM’s functionality and level of integrations?
  3. What programming language is your CRM written in?
  4. What devices is your CRM used on?
  5. What depth of user experience is provided by your CRM?
  6. How crucial are IT and business continuity to your business?
  7. What level of test automation do you require?

Virtuoso’s Test Automation Strategy for Your CRM

Virtuoso delivers the power of code with the ease of codeless and empowers anyone to create robust and reliable functional, end-to-end, and integration tests for their web applications- completely codelessly.

We totally relate to how CRM systems have become increasingly complex with interlinked modules, configurations galore, and an alarmingly high volume & variety of data!

Our CRM Testing approach includes these considerations:

  • Data
  • Integrations
  • Workflows
  • End-to-end journeys
  • Configurations
  • Customizations

How It Works

We help you deliver in-sprint, zero-maintenance test automation, which is powered by:

  • Functional UI testing of multiple browser-based applications like CRM systems, multi-module interlinked flows, and integrations with other systems & portals
  • Integration (API testing) within the Functional UI to create end-to-end, integrated testing through user-focused workflows
  • Data-driven testing, that works even dynamically
  • Natural Language Live Authoring with real-time feedback
  • Readable reports with screenshots and root cause analysis to debug test failures
  • Self-healing to obliterate test maintenance and manage test data via multiple methods to scale with parallel testing

Curious to see Virtuoso in action? Here’s a video of how Virtuoso’s codeless test automation platform can be used for functional UI, integration, and end-to-end testing of Dynamics 365's various modules.

That’s not all! We’d love for you to join us on our webinar, Test Automation for CRM Apps, on December 6. You can register here to join Todd Norton, our go-to Solutions Engineer, as he discusses how to automate your CRM testing, optimize costs, and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Can't wait for the webinar to go live? You can either book a demo or sign up for a free trial and let the product speak for itself!


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