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Test Automation Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

Ryan Thornton

March 7, 2023

While automating your testing process is key to improving software quality and reducing deployment time, a poorly formulated test automation strategy can backslide quicker than you can say ‘automation’. It’s essential to develop a test automation strategy that encompasses the entire software development lifecycle and is custom-made to fit the requirements of the project at hand. 

A well-rounded test automation strategy will account for the scope of the project, possible risks, test cases for automation, as well as a means to continually track progress, analyze failures and course correct. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How to tie your test automation to real business value
  • Identifying the scope of automation
  • Identifying risks and arriving at key automation priorities
  • Evaluating your testing environment
  • Setting up processes for robust review and failure analysis