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Test Automation for Dynamics 365: 12 monthly releases - too easy

James Bent

November 1, 2022

Dynamics 365 (D365) is a complex suite of applications with frequent updates requiring continuous verification. Maintaining the configuration and customization can be a challenge. Frequent releases that have to be accepted mean your system is always under test.

Watch the webinar and witness how Virtuoso is perfectly designed for your D365 testing. From self-maintenance to in-sprint authoring, Virtuoso has what it takes to keep your business systems up-to-date and running flawlessly.


James Bent is our Head of Sales Engineering at Virtuoso, with a vast and detailed knowledge of automation. He keeps things simple even when talking about the most technical of topics or dealing with dynamic applications. When not empowering people to test at speed and scale in the cloud he can be found on the courts of his local tennis club.