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How to move from manual testing to intelligent test automation

Clare Goldstone and James Bent

September 29, 2021

Relying on manual testers, working "hand to mouth", delays in releases, limited test coverage, sound familiar? You know you should automate testing but you lack the technical expertise and don't even want to think about going into the jobs market to find the talent. A common problem right? And how do you solve a problem like test automation? Ask those who have transformed their testing how they did it. And here's your chance.

Leaders Romans Group (LRG) are one of the UK’s largest property services groups formed by the merger of three well-respected brands, Leaders, Romans, and Boyer in 2016.

Watch the on-webinar to see how LRG were able to:

  • Build 50% of their regression pack in just 6-weeks
  • Get 100% in-sprint automated testing
  • Get in-production monitoring of critical user journeys


Clare Goldstone: Business solutions analyst at Leaders Romans Group. Clare brings over 20 years of experience across a variety of industries, from legal to aviation. Her current role sees her elicit and document requirements for LRGs digital applications and systems. Since joining LRG she has taken a lead role in relation to test automation which is a fundamental element of delivering digital solutions to the organisation.

James Bent is the "go to" sales engineer at Virtuoso, with a vast and detailed knowledge of automation. He keeps things simple even when talking about the most technical of topics or dealing with dynamic applications. When not empowering people to test at speed and scale in the cloud he can be found on the courts of his local tennis club.