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Virtuoso and Portaltech Reply Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Innovation in E-Commerce Quality Assurance

Published on
August 2, 2023
Rishabh Kumar

Virtuoso's Cutting-Edge, AI-Driven Test Automation Platform is Set to Enhance Portaltech Reply's Extensive Customer Experience and Multichannel Commerce Solutions.

London, UK – August 2nd, 2023 - Virtuoso, a leader in AI-driven test automation for UI and end-to-end testing, and Portaltech Reply (PTR), a global powerhouse for Customer Experience solutions, announced a strategic partnership today. This collaboration aims to incorporate Virtuoso's innovative test automation into PTR's multichannel commerce solutions.

This new partnership sets to redefine the standards of quality assurance in eCommerce. The collaboration between Virtuoso's robust test automation platform and Portaltech Reply's world-class eCommerce solutions will drive efficiency, lower costs, and deliver high-quality software for Portaltech Reply's client base.

"With the fusion of Virtuoso's AI-driven testing platform and Portaltech Reply's robust commerce solutions, we aim to deliver enhanced value to our clients," said Andrew Doughty, Co-founder of Virtuoso. "This partnership is the perfect synergy of innovation and industry knowledge, ultimately providing our customers with an unparalleled solution."

Portaltech Reply is renowned for its end-to-end products and services for multichannel commerce. It includes consulting, commerce platform implementation and integration, mobile and digital design, and more. Partnering with Virtuoso, which offers an advanced test automation platform powered by Robotic Process Automation, AI/ML, and Natural Language Programming, amplifies Portaltech Reply's commitment to delivering superior eCommerce solutions.

"Partnering with Virtuoso aligns perfectly with our mission to offer top-tier solutions to enrich the Customer Experience," said Nikhil Anand, Chief Architect of Portaltech Reply. "Incorporating their AI-driven test automation into our customer experience solutions guarantees a new level of efficiency and quality for our clients' platforms."

About Virtuoso:

Virtuoso is a leading provider of an AI-augmented test automation platform for UI and end-to-end testing. The platform combines Robotic Process Automation, AI/Machine Learning, and Natural Language Programming, simplifying the test authoring process and reducing time and costs.

About Portaltech Reply (PTR):

Portaltech Reply is the leading partner for Customer Experience solutions with offices across the globe. The company has completed numerous large-scale implementation projects and has been awarded the Global Partner of the Year with SAP multiple times. PTR offers a comprehensive set of products and services for multichannel commerce, providing clients with a robust solution for their eCommerce needs around Customer Experience.

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