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V2Solutions and Virtuoso QA Announce a Pivotal Alliance to Transform Quality Assurance and Software Solutions

Published on
July 26, 2023
Rishabh Kumar

V2Solutions and Virtuoso have partnered to combine the power of AI-powered test automation and cutting-edge software solutions.

London, 26th July 2023: V2Solutions, a trusted global Digital Transformation partner, and Virtuoso QA, a market leader in AI-powered test automation, announced today a strategic partnership aimed at providing organizations with a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline software testing and development processes.

This collaboration brings together V2Solutions' cutting-edge software solutions and Virtuoso QA's innovative, AI-driven testing automation platform to offer businesses unparalleled speed, efficiency, and quality in their software development lifecycle.

"This partnership reiterates our commitment to provide our clients with comprehensive, efficient, and innovative business solutions that leverage the latest technologies," said Anjan Chatterjee, President – India, V2Solutions. "The combination of V2's expertise in building technology-driven business solutions and Virtuoso QA's automated testing tools will create a powerful platform to revolutionize our clients' business operations".

Andrew Dickin, Channel Director – Virtuoso echoed similar sentiments: "The synergy between Virtuoso QA and V2Solutions is an exciting development in the software solutions industry. Our combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies will empower businesses to accelerate their testing cycles, improve software quality, and ultimately deliver exceptional experiences for their end users."

"We are looking forward to bringing our joint solutions to the market and are confident that this partnership will deliver significant benefits to our clients and their customers," said Anjan Chatterjee, President – India, V2Solutions.

For more information about the partnership and how it can benefit your business, please visit or contact us.

About Virtuoso QA

Virtuoso QA is a leading provider of automated testing tools for UI and end-to-end testing. Their innovative platform combines Robotic Process Automation, AI/Machine Learning, and Natural Language Programming, enabling the authoring of tests in plain English and thus removing the complexity of coding. This results in a speedier, more efficient testing process, less maintenance, and overall cost savings.

About V2Solutions

V2Solutions provides Holistic Digital Transformation services tailored to deliver exponential business growth for our clients. They leverage the power of Cognitive Technologies, Cloud Computing, Data Processing, IoT, Salesforce, and more for their clients across the globe and industries. V2's Quality Assurance team ensures applications are launched with unbeatable quality standards and enables their clients to go to market quickly and confidently, giving them a competitive edge.