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SpotQA Announces Move to Virtuoso Brand

Published on
March 19, 2020

SpotQA makes exciting decision to move forward with Virtuoso as company name

SpotQA makes exciting decision to move forward with Virtuoso as company name

London, UK (March 19, 2020) SpotQA has shown itself to be an emerging disruptor in the quality assurance industry for the last few years. Its platform, Virtuoso, enables teams to transition from manual to automated testing of web applications quickly and easily. The company has made the decision to move forward with Virtuoso as both the flagship brand and the company name. This also coincides with an updated website. At the core of this rebranding is a change of the company name to Virtuoso – matching the name of their software platform – and an update to the corporate logo. The change will take place immediately with the new company website on*.

The rebrand follows a significant step in the company’s evolution and CEO Adil Mohammed explains “moving towards the name Virtuoso is a pivotal part in the company’s blueprint for growth and will simplify the experience with our current and future customers. As we continue to evolve and release great new features in our product, we realised that our own brand could do with a little evolving itself”.

The Virtuoso name

A Virtuoso is someone who displays outstanding technical ability in a field. We decided to adopt this name to signify the way we are revolutionising and innovating in the testing/QA space.

The Website

The updated website also has a focus on the many solutions to business challenges that the company is seeing, and helping to resolve, in the many clients they are working with today.

Visit the new company brand and website here.

About Virtuoso

Virtuoso empowers companies and teams to simplify their automation process with their easy-to-use testing technology. Their intelligent quality assistance platform makes test automation accessible. Designed for agile teams and the increasing demands made by modern dynamic applications, Virtuoso allows you to test at every stage of the software development life cycle.

Launched in 2019, Virtuoso has a growing global team with offices in London, Sheffield, Lisbon, Hyderabad, Seville and Seattle.