Virtuoso Winter 2021 Releases

Published on
January 14, 2021
Hugo Farinha
CTO & Co-Founder

At Virtuoso, we are fully committed to continuously improving our platform. Winter 2021 is no different.

At Virtuoso, we fully embrace an agile methodology, listen closely to our customer’s needs and requirements, and are fully committed to continuously improving our platform. As such, we are able to release at lightning speed with updates being pushed every single month. That said, as we enter a new year we are proud to announce a new and improved version of our software which we call Virtuoso 2.0.  

Virtuoso 2.0 represents an important landmark for the platform. A big thanks to our awesome team of engineers and everyone involved for their efforts and incredible dedication. And a big shout out to our amazing customers that gave us detailed feedback on their challenges which helped us to further cement Virtuoso as the most sophisticated and forward-thinking platform on the market.

What’s new?

Your team can now do more with fewer clicks. Virtuoso 2.0 has a revamped user experience and interface with all new dashboards and enhanced screen mashups.  2.0 benefits from more joined-up thinking with features that work together more cohesively. Joining multiple features with different angles of the problem helps teams to do root problem analysis. Use the holistic view of your application’s issues and richer testing reports to go beyond pass or fail. Understand the state of your application’s source and layout diffs, performance insights, browser errors and network traffic analysis to build a complete picture of your app.

Understand the status of your entire test automation commitments at a glance. Take a look at the “organisation dashboard” with a brand new view of all projects clearly displaying the metrics that you need to assess the status of every project. Then effortlessly dive deeper with quick access to major assets.

Project dashboard

We have re-imagined the project dashboard based on customer feedback. The enhanced dashboard puts the status of your goals and plans at your fingertips and helps you answer your teams’ ultimate question “are we ready to release?”. The Job Activity has found a new home in the dedicated project activity dashboard which provides an enhanced job view with more powerful filtering capabilities.

Don’t lose it, reuse it. Checkpoints can now be shared and reused across all “goal journeys”, allowing tests to be easily authored and updated while reducing overhead. Checkpoints are automatically synchronised on the application graph as they are created. 

Get intelligent fully-automated insights with every test execution. Enhanced execution with snapshot-capture gathers application intelligence for all checkpoints including network traffic and browser log analysis, performance insights and checkpoint snapshots for layout testing. Performance timeline history shows a trend analysis over the performance insights allowing customers to detect performance degradation across their applications.

Make Virtuoso your home for remote collaboration. 2.0 introduces a “goal timeline” with comments that enable users to communicate without leaving the comfort of the platform. You can now ask questions, set actions, delegate tasks, write documentation, etc. We have witnessed an ever-increasing demand for these features throughout the global pandemic. Get your talent talking to our talent. The new commenting feature includes a unique customer-centric action that allows customers to request help from the Virtuoso team (@CS). Receive support from a specialist engineer and get your questions answered at a specific point in the tool. Don’t wait to resolve a test syntax problem or a testing challenge. Leverage the outstanding customer experience you have come to expect from Virtuoso from within the platform.


Virtuoso 2.0’s features and improvements are in addition to the leaps and bounds we have made with the platform throughout 2020. For full details of what our continuous release strategy has seen us deliver please see our changelog.  

Fit for the future of test automation 

Enhanced dashboards empower teams to quickly gain a holistic view of a project's health, status, and organisation. The latest iteration of Virtuoso also offers a cohesive and feature-rich experience doing more of test automation’s heavy lifting and fostering ever greater collaboration. Virtuoso 2.0 represents a maturity mark for the company and a strong statement of innovation that continues to rise in the industry helping customers to release higher-quality software faster.

Continuous releases

To explore the features and power of Virtuoso 2.0 please book your personalised demo today.

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