What’s New, Fall 2022

Published on
October 20, 2022
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

It is officially pumpkin season, and what better way to reflect on this season of renewal than to update ourselves on Virtuoso's latest product capabilities?

In this quarter’s updates, we bring to you Step Execution Indicators, Network & Console Logs, the ability to pause scheduled execution plans, Cross-Browser support, autonomous waiting for network traffic, and lots more! Let’s dive right in:

Step Execution Indicators in the Journey View

You can now toggle the visibility of the execution indicators such as Healing, Side Effects, Events, etc. for your test steps while test authoring in the Journey view. Your preference is also persisted on your browser, so you won’t need to re-enable this when moving between journeys.

Network and Console Logs for Every Step of Your Journey

In modern web applications, much work happens behind the scenes– for example, API and other network requests or the application making browser console logs. These can often be critical to understanding unexpected behavior or to help figure out what went wrong. 

We capture all of the network requests and console logs that take place during the execution of a specific test step. Now, you can review this information on a per-step basis with just a click.

Pause Scheduled Execution Plans 

You no longer need to clear a plan's schedule settings to make it stop. Simply pause it and resume later!

Cross-Browser Support for Windows 11, macOS Big Sur & macOS Monterey 

We keep up to date with every browser release and with this update, three new Operating Systems and their respective versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari join in on the codeless cross-browser testing action–

  • Windows 11
  • macOS Big Sur
  • macOS Monterey

Autonomous Waiting for Network Traffic 

With Wait for network trafficenabled, Virtuoso will automatically wait for your page's network requests to stabilize before moving further in your journey. This makes authoring journeys for single-page apps (SPAs) a dream, removing the need to rely heavily on the "wait for element".

And that’s not all!

You can read more about these and other releases in our Changelog.

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