What is Digital Transformation?

Published on
December 14, 2022
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

What is Digital Transformation, why is it important, and how can Virtuoso help?

Digital Transformation sounds very future-y and almost magical, but what does it actually mean? Well, it's the use of cutting-edge tech to create a new customer experience and/or business process, as well as shifting a company's culture by challenging the existing status quo and encouraging them to experiment. After all, the vast majority of failure can easily be learned from, so it should be something that we're comfortable with. The traditional way that things are done isn't always the best way, especially as the tech world is evolving so rapidly, so Digital Transformation enables business strategy to roll with the punches and be more adaptable.

The Basics

This transformation has to start at the internal business level or it won't be viable. Oftentimes, it depends on what the word “digital” means to each company. Do you think of a Word document? Fancy strings of code? Artificial Intelligence? Nailing down exactly what “digital” means is essential to a successful Digital Transformation. To Mark Watson, Virtuoso's COO, “digital” means “using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline and automate testing for increased quality at scale.” This transformation means being able to thrive as digital business technology takes leaps and strides each and every year.

The internal initiative in the business culture can sometimes be the most difficult place to start. After all, who likes being told that the way they've been doing things for years is no longer working? Part of the Digital Transformation strategy is adapting technology to streamline whatever you are doing and make it easier. Coding is definitely a valued skill, but it can be put to use in a lot of other places besides writing automated tests. Virtuoso makes automated testing easy and fast so you can focus on coding more impressive things while we work in the background.

While Digital Transformation means making things easier, there are some common pitfalls that appear while putting new technologies in place. Some businesses simply obtain the latest, flashiest technology without optimizing it to the max and think that their business will automatically transform. And Digital Transformation isn't one size fits all; what type of transformation your business should undergo depends on your business type, what industry you're in, what your company culture is like, and the type of data you have to work with (we've talked about the importance of knowing what to do with your data in our post about no-code AI).

The Details

Harvard Business Review lists five components that are needed for successful transformations: the people, data, insights into that data, action, and results. The people are a part of the culture talked about above. It's important for the people in the company to be open-minded about the transformation because it would likely affect all levels. The data is naturally important because new technology can't do anything without a dataset to work off of. Then, knowing what to do with the insights the technology gives you into that data enables you to know what direction to move in next. Once you've decided, you can take action, which is the last part of implementing the new technology. Finally, the results can be produced and analyzed. Then, you go back to step two (the data) and continue the cycle over again, improving your Digital Transformation strategy each time.

Another Harvard Business Review article (can you tell what I spend my spare time reading?) talks about four different tiers of Digital Transformation: operational efficiencies, advanced operational efficiencies, data-driven services from value chains, and data-driven services from digital platforms. No need for me to reinvent the wheel, so I suggest checking out the article because now we can focus on how Virtuoso can help you in your Digital Transformation journey.

How Can Virtuoso Help?

Virtuoso falls into the second tier of Digital Transformation, advanced operational efficiencies. This is because we create a baseline from the data from your site so our AI can test for visual regression and know when something goes wrong. Our codeless automation can assist you during your Digital Transformation by saving you heaps of time and putting quality first. And we’re not saying that coding is a bad thing! On the contrary, coding skills are more important now than ever as the extents of AI and ML are reaching past the stars. But why spend your time coding automated tests if you don’t have to? Virtuoso isn’t here to replace programmers; we just want to take care of the boring stuff so they can focus on the fun coding! If you’d like to spend more time coding something interesting and less time coding countless, repetitive tests, book a demo with us! Plus as a part of cloud technologies, if you try out our free trial and like us, we'll migrate all the tests that you've written to your permanent account.


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