We're a Leader in Test Automation!

Published on
September 28, 2022
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

The start of a new season means another round of G2 badges for us to stick on the fridge.

Fall is here, and the heating is definitely starting to get turned up - especially in the test automation world! Another season, another round of G2 badges, and we’ve got an exciting new one to share with you. There’s no way that we would be here without you, and we want to be the test automation tool that keeps on giving to surpass all your testing needs.

Leader in Test Automation

We’ve made it to the Leader quadrant of the Test Automation grid! This means that we’ve shown a substantial market presence and have high customer satisfaction reviews (which you can check out here, and feel free to leave us a glowing review!). We’re a great tool to fit into your CI/CD cycle, and we come complete with Continuous Testing capabilities to keep the testing of your product constant to ensure it’s always in the highest state of quality. 

High Performer in Europe

This badge is more specific to the test automation market in Europe, and we’re pretty snug in the High Performers quadrant! But we see that bold red line separating the High Performer and Leader quadrant, and we’re coming for the top spot! As we gain more popularity due to all our lovely customers, free trial users, and those who chat with us on social media like our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, we move higher up in the G2 Test Automation grid.

What’s New?

Like any good software, we’re constantly adding new features to help improve your test automation experience. You can now accelerate accessing your APIs by being able to import your Postman collections. Plus we support two-factor authentication integration like Google Authentication and nearly every type of SAML authentication you please. We’re also SOC2 certified as our security measures have been officially recognized as great methods to keep your information secure. 

Remember that free trial mentioned above? You can sign up for a two-week free-for-all to see the power of Virtuoso for yourself! Go have fun!


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