We believe sophisticated test automation capabilities are for everyone...

Published on
October 21, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

We believe sophisticated test automation capabilities are for everyone: both developers and non-coders.

If you ask a manual tester and an automation engineer if their jobs are the same, both will strongly disagree - and rightfully so. Manual testers perform step-by-step testing according to a predetermined test plan, usually without scripts or sophisticated tools to assist the process. Automation engineers work collaboratively with other teams to determine the requirements of automation and put in place automated testing strategies for various processes in the organization.

We believe sophisticated test automation capabilities are for everyone: both developers and non-coders. For example, we enable manual testers to become automation engineers. We’re not here to decide which is best between manual testing and test automation - there are scenarios where both are relevant and necessary. What we do want to discuss is how Virtuoso allows anyone - both manual testers and automation engineers, as well as developers and non-coders - to leverage AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation to achieve quality-first software testing practices.

Virtuoso’s test automation capabilities

Virtuoso’s truly codeless solution means that anyone, regardless of technical skill, can open up the platform and get started right away. There are no installs or set-up, and sophisticated features like Natural Language Programming and Intelligent Object Identification allow users to author fully functional test cases in plain English

If you are a manual tester and you’ve read this far, how do you feel? Do you have a frowny face because it feels like Virtuoso’s intelligent automation features are going to obliterate your role? Not at all! In fact, Virtuoso opens a new door for you to explore test automation without friction, learn new skills to become a better tester, and have fun with testing at the same time! In no time at all you can be writing robust, reliable automated tests for dynamic applications and testing at scale.

Virtuoso doesn’t want to step on any toes - we just want to give you better shoes! Self-healing tests, smart object identification, visual regression tracking, and the ability to author tests that think like humans are just a few of the features that any user can enjoy within Virtuoso’s easy-to-use platform. This also means that Virtuoso can be used collaboratively across your organization - in addition to manual testers who are enabled to become automation engineers, other players such as business analysts, UX designers, product managers, and analysts can help author and maintain test cases at various stages of the SDLC. 

Do you need more information about just how easy it is to get started with Virtuoso? Check out our library of resources or go ahead and schedule a free demo.

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