We believe the new standard is intelligence automation...

Published on
October 15, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

We believe the new standard in QA is not only test automation, but also intelligence automation –the ability to know exactly what to test, when, without being told.

Who doesn’t love test automation? It enables us to do so many things - simplify manual processes, lower operating costs, achieve faster ROI, increase productivity, reduce errors… we could go on for a while. At Virtuoso, we believe the new standard in QA is not only test automation, but also intelligence automation - the ability to know exactly what to test, when, without being told. 

What is intelligence automation?

It’s our secret weapon! Intelligence automation is the use of Artificial Intelligence and similar technologies, including Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Programming (NLP), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As IBM so nicely states, it is the use of automation technologies to “streamline and scale decision-making across organizations” without requiring human interference. In effect, these advancements in the use of automation technologies in business allow a wide range of tasks to be performed autonomously by robots that run on complex algorithms. At Virtuoso, we love using cute images of robots to get the idea across that we use AI, but don’t be fooled - our product functions at an incredibly high level by leveraging AI to bring you the latest advances in the field and ensure a powerful quality-first test automation tool. 

Virtuoso’s intelligence automation

Let’s put it into context. Here are some of the ways that Virtuoso’s intelligence automation can be put to work:

  • Automation manual tasks that are repetitive and rule-based - but that’s too easy, right? Test automation does that. With intelligence automation, users gain insight into entirely new areas where more complex tasks could also be automated. 
  • Virtuoso bots behave like humans. With Intelligent Object Identification, bots can find elements intelligently even in wireframes. Forget about dealing with brittle CSS selectors and XPaths. What’s more, Virtuoso will automatically adjust tests to deal with changes to elements in a webpage. That’s called Element Auto-Healing.
  • Image Diff allows you to detect changes in a page by comparing it with screenshots of a previous baseline snapshot, while our Image Overlay feature uses sophisticated AI to help you visualise UI changes by overlaying snapshots. Now you can swipe back and forth between captures to see changes right down to single pixels.
  • Not sure what to test? Let Virtuoso’s bots explore your app and suggest paths for further exploration. Virtuoso will show you everything that can possibly be tested on your web application, without you having to lift a finger. 
  • Tell Virtuoso when to test by scheduling a plan. That’s not all - you can schedule test executions across different app versions, devices, and environments, with the options to change the starting URL and execute journeys as data-driven if desired. Users can also enable settings such as email and Slack notifications for test execution outcomes. 

Need more information? Schedule a demo with our experts to learn more about Virtuoso’s use of intelligence automation. We promise, you won’t be bored - it’s an exciting field with fascinating developments!

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