We believe companies need a way to build better products faster...

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October 1, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

We believe that companies need a way to easily and confidently build better products faster. Release the highest quality software sooner.

It’s one thing to build a software product. It’s a whole different thing to build a quality software product faster and sooner, without running into delays or exhausting all of your resources. That’s why we believe that companies need a way to easily and confidently build better products faster, so that the highest quality software can be released sooner. 

How does Virtuoso make it easier to build better products with confidence?

Virtuoso harnesses the power of AI to enable capabilities like Natural Language Programming and Intelligent Object Identification. AI is one of our most powerful tools (by the way, it’s also your most powerful weapon in the tech talent war!). Here are just some of the ways that Virtuoso leverages AI to lead the quality-first software revolution:

  • Tests maintain themselves; they are self-healing. Users no longer need to spend time manually fixing tests every time an element changes. 
  • Comparison snapshots ensure that every visual regression is caught before anything is released.
  • Tests can be authored in plain English. Virtuoso is a truly codeless solution that can be used by anyone. 
  • Virtuoso bots explore and map your application without supervision. This Autonomous Test Generation saves you vital overhead and time while freeing up resources to focus on other important tasks.
  • Exploratory testing uses bots to build an interactive graph of all the paths through your application - unlock testing possibilities that you’ve never seen before!
  • AI allows Virtuoso to auto-scale so that tests are run in parallel, in the cloud. 

How can organizations be confident that Virtuoso’s codeless test automation solution delivers on its promises?

We like to have the numbers speak for themselves. Here are just a few figures taken from case studies of our existing customers:

iClicker, a subsidiary of Macmillan Learning, reduced regression from 128 hours to just 30 minutes. The cost per manual execution was reduced by an incredible 99.2%, while the cost per automated test execution reduced from $27.50 to just $10! 

iClicker case study results

Another of our customers was facing a crisis: going from zero automation they suddenly needed a fully-functional test automation tool, within just 8 days! Virtuoso was able to automate 4 modules of the application in just 4 days and executed 21 end-to-end scenarios, as well as 26 negative scenarios, in less than 7 minutes. The same task would have taken a manual tester a full 24 hours! Read more about it here.

Case study results: from zero automation to fully automated in 8 days

As a last example, look at what JATO was able to achieve with Virtuoso: 

It took…

  • just 1 sprint to go from zero automation to full in-sprint automation;
  • 2 days to onboard with Virtuoso and set the team up for true success;
  • And 42 hours total authoring time - including any post-deployment tidying up!

That’s not all. Virtuoso allowed JATO to execute more than 400 journey executions that tested the functionality of end-to-end user flows. 80% of the user flows executed successfully to the point of application failures requiring only minor adjustments. 

What can Virtuoso do for you?

Virtuoso is passionate about helping organizations build better products faster, sooner, and at scale. Get in touch to see what Virtuoso can do for you.

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