We believe it is time to deliver on the promise...

Published on
September 21, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

We believe it is time to deliver on the promise of truly codeless test automation.

There are lots of ‘codeless’ solutions out there, or rather, solutions that claim to be codeless. We believe it is time to deliver on the promise of codeless test automation.

What does it mean to be truly codeless? First, let’s talk about what Virtuoso delivers: a test automation platform that offers the ability to functionally and visually test applications at scale in the cloud, with bots performing advanced autonomous testing functions. This allows users to author, execute, and maintain reliable tests on the most complex and dynamic applications - without writing a single line of code. That’s where the codeless part comes in! Virtuoso uses NLP, Natural Language Programming, to ensure that users can author tests using plain English.

Virtuoso is truly codeless

We know there are other platforms out there that can help you author and execute tests. Virtuoso stands out from the crowd by using AI to identify and re-identify objects so that tests can be self-healing. Once a journey has been completed, Virtuoso will point out areas where elements need to be fixed and a user can accept changes with just one click of the mouse. Delivering on codeless means providing a seamless test automation experience at all levels for any user, regardless of skill level. 

But there’s more! Virtuoso’s codeless capabilities extend even further to deal with challenging issues that are a major triumph to overcome in complex scenarios. For example, iframes. Elements inside iframes can cause issues like element highlights being mispositioned, incorrect page navigations inside iframes, jumping inside and outside of an iframe, and more. Virtuoso will intelligently auto-correct the position of the elements relative to the browser window. Our test automation platform also deals with the following areas that often cause issues:

  • dynamic elements
  • secure access
  • test maintenance

Why is codeless test automation beneficial?

Virtuoso is delivering on the promise of codeless test automation to help organizations:

  • Turn manual testers into test automation super-heroes!
  • Allow anyone on the team to test without lengthy ramp-up times or large initial investments to upskill staff
  • Scale test automation across any browser and device, at any interval
  • Reduce the need for manual testing - with Virtuoso, tests can be automated before the application is even built
  • Keep track of test executions and outcomes across the organization
  • Maintain the speed and scale of testing that is required of CI/CD and the software development lifecycle
  • Achieve accurate in-sprint testing with efficient tests that reduce costs and optimize the use of existing resources

As Virtuoso Founder and CEO, Adil Mohammed, says:

“... this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be it visual regression or API testing, we are pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a test automation platform. Partnering with Paladin and Mubadala means we can take our product to software and testing teams in new markets and we’re excited to see its impact.”

Ready to learn more about Virtuoso’s truly codeless test automation platform? Book a demo with one of our experts. 

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