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Published on
September 17, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

We believe that, in our technology dependent world, quality is at the heart of economic growth for companies of all sizes, in all industries. Simply, quality wins.

We believe that, in our technology dependent world, quality is at the heart of economic growth for companies of all sizes, in all industries. Simply, quality wins.

Our world really is dependent on technology. We need our computers, our internet, and our automation (to name just a few important things). That said, it’s easy to ignore the fact that quality is a key driver to the success of how technology integrates into our lives. Virtuoso firmly believes that whatever web application you might be testing, for whatever purpose and at whichever interval, quality wins - and that’s why we’ve created a quality-first test automation tool to lead the QA revolution.

Quality versus price 

There is a constant balance between quality and price where developers and other related roles are torn between championing minimum functionality for faster, cheaper releases against maximum quality that equates to a reliable, fully built-out product that takes longer to perfect, at a higher cost. Is it possible to say which is best? 

With Virtuoso, you no longer have to choose between the two. Our quality-first principle means that when you leverage our test automation tool for your specific organizational needs, a curated collection of quality tools and resources that ensure excellence follow along.

Why does quality matter?

Quality is closely intertwined with many areas of business. The impact quality has on the end-user is directly related to the experience that a customer has with the product, stretching so far as to determine the degree of customer loyalty in the future. For the organization or business, quality strengthens the product’s name and presence on the broader market. Additional benefits of producing quality software include long-term cost reduction, increased revenue and profitability, and better compliance with existing industry standards and regulations. Quality assurance is also a gateway to the product’s overall usability and efficiency as perceived by the end user. Reduced business risks, better cybersecurity measures, and faster releases can also be expected when a company’s focus shifts to quality first. 

How does Virtuoso put quality first?

Virtuoso delivers a double blow: a quality-first test automation tool that in turn helps companies achieve quality-first web applications. We assure quality by providing the following features and benefits through our transformative test automation tool - to name just a few:

  • Anyone can author robust, reliable tests that think like humans
  • Virtuoso’s AI both identifies and re-identifies objects, even when the page or element structure changes
  • Catch potentially catastrophic visual regressions before deploying your web application
  • Integrate with your existing tech stack to avoid delays, interruptions, and lengthy ramp-up times
  • Enjoy continuously updated and newly released features that bring you the latest advances in Machine Learning and AI
  • Cross-browser/device testing to ensure that your application works as it should anywhere it goes

Virtuoso has a host of amazing people who are ready to help you finally put quality first in your QA strategy. Get in touch - we can't wait to have you join the quality-first revolution!

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