Virtuoso's Automation Hackathon

Published on
September 24, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

Virtuoso's Automation Hackathon powered by The Test Tribe is happening 2 - 3 October, 2021. Find out more!

Virtuoso is hosting a virtual automation hackathon during the first weekend of October and things are heating up fast! Compete alongside hundreds of Testers in complex challenges while learning more about Virtuoso’s product and what it can do for your organization.

1 amazing hackathon. 100+ testers. 10+ awards. $4000+ in prizes. 0 excuses to miss this amazing event!

So, what can you expect to see at the hackathon? 

  • Amazing prizes: Several Playstations 5’s, two iPads, a Marshall Speaker, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and much more up for grabs! 
  • Interesting challenges: Solve automation challenges using Virtuoso’s state-of-the-art test automation platform. 
  • Community interaction: See how others test and learn while building a network with Testers worldwide.
  • Learn more about Virtuoso: See how our quality-first test automation platform can be leveraged by anyone to test anything, at any interval. 
  • Earn a participation certificate: A digital participation certificate is awarded to every tester.

Some FAQs

What are the challenges like?

We don’t want to give everything away, but we can assure you that it’s going to be fun solving the challenges using only Virtuoso’s automation platform. 

Can I participate from any time zone?

Yes! The hackathon duration is around 36 hours. This window gives everyone the chance to complete the challenges by the deadline. There will be a recording of the intro session available in the Discord channel in case you aren’t able to attend the event’s opening session.

I’m a manual tester, can I participate?

Of course! Virtuoso is easy enough for anyone to use, whether you have a technical background or not.

Do I need to have a device available to participate?

Yes, you need a laptop or computer. 

Is it possible to participate as a team?

Yes - in fact, we recommend it! Working as a team allows you to get more done, see how Virtuoso can be used by your team, and stand a bigger chance to win great prizes!

Is this event free? 

Technically, yes. A very small fully refundable amount of less than $2 is held and returned to you once you attend the event.

How will the automation hackathon be evaluated?

There will be multiple evaluation rounds. You can learn more about this during the event’s briefing session on the event day.

Ready to register? Do it now! You can also follow our Hackathon updates on Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember to use the hashtags #VirtuosoHackathon and #QualityFirstHackathon.

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