Virtuoso and Moolya are Partners!

Published on
December 8, 2022
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

Virtuoso and Moolya have partnered to bring you the best testing experience possible, complete with top-tier customer service.

Virtuoso has always been dedicated to giving you the best AI-powered test automation experience, and every decision we make leads toward that end goal. And today is no different! Virtuoso has partnered with Moolya, the best in the bug-prevention business. 

Virtuoso is the ultimate codeless test automation tool, bringing you the best of both functional UI and end-to-end testing of enterprise business systems and custom-developed web apps. The speed of Natural Language Programming paired with our Live Authoring capabilities make your test authoring up to 9x faster while retaining all the power of scripted test steps. Plus, with our AI/ML-powered tests, we also reduce your test maintenance with robust tests that self-heal 75% of the time by diving into your DOM to create a model of all your objects, attributes, and element IDs and reduce flaky, brittle tests. 

Moolya is committed to bug prevention by developing the best, custom test strategies for you. They use a focus and de-focus approach to testing, test automation, and building the “right” application coverage. Their promise is to discover all important bugs no matter the timeline or domain being tested. In addition, Moolya has several products that handle all your test analytics needs from performance feedback to issue tracking. They even have a start-up-specific tool for growth tracking and determining app health. 

Together, we strive to elevate the testing experience of all our users! Virtuoso brings powerful codeless test automation to the table while Moolya contributes their test strategy genius. And all of this is to make your testing better! So what are you waiting for? 

Get in touch with Moolya and snap up Virtuoso’s free trial.


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