Virtual1 and Virtuoso Joint Webinar: How to Get In-Sprint Regression Testing


Ryan Thornton


Product Marketing


Join us for our joint webinar with Virtual1 at times that suit America and Europe.

Tuesday 18th May 2021

4pm Berlin / 3pm London / 10am New York / 7am LA

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In the era of DevOps new releases can happen multiple times a day and QA teams often have to ensure quality across several platforms and/or applications. Regression suites become more and more complex and difficult to maintain. How then can we balance the need to release with ever-increasing velocity with the need to test? How can we build regression packs that maximise test coverage and also enable in-sprint testing?

Luckily Virtual1 and Virtuoso are here to answer these questions and show you how. Virtual1 are a multi-award-winning tech company based in the heart of London. They operate the UK’s most advanced wholesale-only network, delivering high capacity, low latency connectivity, and cloud solutions across the UK.

Virtual1’s testing regime was hitting capacity as a very lean team was over-reliant on manual testing with only pockets of test automation to tackle multiple apps. They recognised that the lack of e2e automated testing represented significant risks and had an immediate need for a fully automated regression suite. By leveraging Virtuoso and a two-person QA team in the first three months they were able to:

  • Author tests for a live release pack, development pack, and portal pack with a total of 6000 steps
  • Create 21 in-sprint SalesForce regression packs
  • Gain absolute transparency over their testing

Join the webinar to see how VIrtual1 achieved all this and more.  

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