Unveiling G2’s Winter Badges

Published on
December 19, 2023
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

The Winter badges at G2 have made their debut! While we take a moment to acknowledge our success, we cannot wait to embark on the coming year’s exciting developments!

Winter is officially upon us, and so has a flurry of G2 Winter badges! We are pumped to share them with our beloved users, your support has been an immense driving force and we are here to champion your commitment to quality testing. Ready for the badge reveal?


Navigating an industry that has multiple big players may be challenging, but we are thrilled to have emerged as a Leader, for the first time ever! While Virtuoso continues to make new strides, we also have a growing community of users, who collaborate to troubleshoot and make feature suggestions. Come join our Discord server, we are all ears.

High Performer - Europe and APAC

We are thrilled to share that we are in the high-performer quadrant for both Europe and Asia Pacific regions. This means that we have had consistently high customer satisfaction scores since our last G2 badge reveal. The more users leave insightful and relevant product reviews, the more visibility we get on G2, and for anyone looking to discover an AI-powered test automation platform. 

Momentum Leader, Yet Again!

Just like this fall, we have yet again featured as a Momentum Leader in the Automation Testing category. This means that our users have ranked us in the top 25% of test automation products. Have you had a positive experience working with Virtuoso? Consider leaving us a review here!

Our AI Product Capabilities - A Quick 2023 Recap

  1. Test Data Generation

Few things are more annoying than flipping back and forth between windows, especially if you only have one screen. By generating your own test data within Virtuoso, you can add the data directly to your tests without going hunting for it. Plus when you’re Live Authoring, you can pick exactly which row of data you want while authoring your test.

  1. AI Extension Assistant

Need an extension? Whether you’re strapped for time or learned a different coding language, simply type in what you need your extension to do in plain English and watch the JavaScript get created before your eyes. 

  1. AI Journey Summaries

When you have multiple QA practitioners working on the same tests, ensuring that everyone knows what’s going on is essential. Instead of reading through an entire journey to learn what it does, save time by generating the summary with AI!

Not a Virtuoso user just yet? Here’s how you can get started!


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