5 AI PhDs, 4 ML Masters, and one kick-ass piece of software: The people behind the platform

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October 25, 2021
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

Virtuoso is lucky to have some of the best minds in AI and Machine Learning. We’d love to tell you more about the people behind the screens!

There are some big brains working at Virtuoso. We’re committed to hiring the best in the business to join us in our mission of leading the quality-first software revolution, and our engineering team is certainly no exception. If you’ve used our platform, you’ll know that Virtuoso has incredibly sophisticated bots powered by AI, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (by the way - if you haven’t used Virtuoso yet, why not book a free demo?) 

Now, if our bots are that smart… imagine how smart the people behind the bots must be! We don’t want to brag, though. We just want to make it clear that Virtuoso is powered by a group of incredibly talented experts in the fields of AI and Machine Learning who are determined to give users the best possible experience with test automation by producing a high-performing platform that gives a quality-first approach to testing.

The people behind the platform

5 PhDs and 4 Masters degrees, along with countless publications and outstanding achievements - that’s our engineering team. Here are just a few of the achievements and OSS contributions we’d like to highlight:

  • One of our developers who graduated in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Operation Research is also the co-founder of
  • Another graduated with a focus on Computer Science and Algorithms, and was part of the extended national team in Informatics (IOI) in their home country, later progressing to be the coach and jury for the same team.
  • A developer at Virtuoso founded a web solutions company at the age of 13, and organically grew its customer base to become a leading regional provider. Additionally, the same developer also co-founded a social networking platform which grew to become Iran’s #1 microblogging platform and lead the development of Iran’s fastest-growing event-ticketing platform. 
  • A PhD holder in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics boasts over 19 publications, 10 years of international experience as a software developer, and 8 years of experience as a researcher in the areas of human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, accessibility, and digital television applications and middleware. This engineer also contributed to reference implementation of the Brazilian Digital TV Middleware and the open-source project Neuroscience Experiments System. 
  • A Masters degree holder contributed to more than 17 conference/journal publications across several AI and NLP topics, and holds an advanced specialization diploma in Information Systems and Computer Engineering with an AI and NLP focus.

Here are some links to OSS projects and publications where Virtuoso developers have contributed:

Google Scholar 1

Google Scholar 2

Open source 1

Open source 2

Open source 3

Open source 4

Open source 5

The kick-ass piece of software

Using their vast knowledge and experience in AI and Machine Learning, our developers continue to build a quality-first kick-ass piece of software. Here are some of the latest features that have been released for our customers to enjoy:

  • Updated our Google Chrome version to 92, as well as the cross-browser grid with the latest browsers including Firefox 90. A series of new devices are now supported, including the latest Apple iPads and the Samsung Galaxy S21 series (including Ultra).
  • Virtuoso will intelligently highlight iframe elements and auto-correct the position of the highlighted element on the page to avoid confusion during test authoring and maintenance.
  • Virtuoso now has a dedicated requirement management capability so that business requirements can be imported, mapped to journeys, and reviewed to ensure full coverage. If that sounds like hard work, you can simply generate journeys automatically directly from your raw requirements!
  • Virtuoso’s snapshot comparison baselines feature captures a snapshot of your app. If the snapshot represents the state of your app as you want it, you can set it as the new baseline. Virtuoso will then catch any visual changes that deviate from the baseline - and if the deviations are intentional, you can simply select a new baseline to ensure that your app is free from visual regressions. 

Working at Virtuoso

Why are big brains happy to be working at Virtuoso? In addition to the great perks that allow fully remote working, paid time off, and yearly training and development allowances, our engineering team enjoys the company culture at Virtuoso that encourages experimentation and teamwork, with an emphasis on personal development. 

Even more so, the team is drawn to the potential of innovation and the business opportunity that Virtuoso’s product offers. The exposure to new technologies and advances in AI and Machine Learning ensure that our team has just the right amount of excitement in their everyday working life, while being able to stay on top of the latest trends in software testing and test automation. It is also incredibly rewarding to provide customers with the best possible piece of software that helps them ensure a quality-first testing strategy. 

Ready to join the team?

As a rapidly growing company, we always have open vacancies! Take some time to explore our website and learn more about what we do and how we work. You can also see our open vacancies here - ready to join Virtuoso as we continue to innovate, collaborate, and automate?

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