Top ten reasons why test automation with Virtuoso is fun

Published on
November 15, 2022
Monique Swanepoel
Content Specialist

All play and no work! Here's a round-up of the top 10 reasons why test automation with Virtuoso is fun.

We know what you’re thinking. Of course we’re telling you that testing is fun - test automation is our favorite thing in the world! But hear us out. Test automation has come a long way, and with a quality-first test automation platform at your fingertips, testing can be transformed into something more than just a tedious chore. Here’s a round-up of the top ten reasons why test automation with Virtuoso is fun, fun, fun!

1. Every day is different

Software is constantly changing, which means that no day looks the same. One day you could be testing your website’s existing flow, and the next you could be testing a brand new feature you didn't even know existed - by the way, Virtuoso lets you test from wireframes and even requirements so that you can shift left and start testing from the start of production.

2. Work with the latest and greatest

Are you still using Windows XP? Didn’t think so… (and if you are, please seek help!) Software testing is one of the areas that constantly evolves, and Virtuoso’s intelligent test automation capabilities give you exposure to the latest and greatest technologies. We’ve got the best minds in the world working hard to bring you the newest advances in Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation.

3. Solve complex challenges

Dynamic applications are hard to test, which can mean some intricate and complex (and fun!) challenges for testers. Virtuoso’s element auto-healing and intelligent element discovery features help you deal with the maintenance bits that nobody likes, leaving you with more time to explore newer and better ways of testing. This way, you can put quality first and focus on the important stuff while Virtuoso wrestles with the unseen monsters. 

4. Ready to play?

Who doesn’t want their job to be gamified? Finding bugs, pointing them out, and then handing them off to someone else to deal with will always be a fun part of the job. And with Virtuoso, you can expect to find bugs and errors that are almost impossible to track down without AI’s help. 

5. Life is easier

Virtuoso delivers on the promise of codeless test automation. That means you can scale tests in the cloud, reduce execution time, increase test coverage, integrate with your existing tech stack, and do cross-browser/device testing with just the click of a button. Of course, you still have to show up for your job - it’s just that your job has now become more streamlined so that you don’t have to deal with things like the headache of long lead times, difficulties testing on different devices, and struggling to import data from third-party applications.

6. Anyone can get involved

You might have heard us say it before because we love shouting it from the rooftops: Anyone can use Virtuoso! Whether you’re a UX designer, business analyst, developer, or product manager, Virtuoso caters to your testing needs and can be used with almost zero ramp-up. It’s easy and fun to try Virtuoso, even if you’re not a tester.

7. Automate and innovate!

Software testing is so much more than just running a test over and over again to find bugs. With Virtuoso, users can try out exploratory testing where AI robots discover and build interactive graphs of all the paths through your app. Who knows, it might just give you different perspectives on the application’s functionality and behavior. Automation can lead to new ways of thinking, and therewith, new ideas. Put on your thinking caps!

8. Have a lasting impact

Although some days might require rigorous testing and long hours, doesn’t it feel good to know that your contribution helps improve the application you’re working on? Virtuoso executes at scale in the cloud so even if your application grows, your tests can still be used in the long term to make an impact on the application at any stage throughout the SDLC.

9. See the results

Test automation can be a rewarding process. Virtuoso’s dashboards and reports give insight into the state of your app by displaying clear results that show the progress of test goals and projects. Even if your tests fail, you can see exactly what went wrong and fix it faster than ever before. And at the end of the day, you can sit back and have a look at just how much you’ve contributed to creating a top-quality, bug-free, functional application for end-users to enjoy.

10. Learn new skills

Test automation is not a solo mission. Requirements can be handed over by product managers, designs by graphic designers, new features by developers, special requests by customers… before you know it, you might just see yourself getting involved in things like product development, web security, payment options, graphic design, and who knows what else! Testing is a dynamic role that allows you to learn new skills outside of just testing software. Isn’t that amazing?

There you have it, folks - our top ten reasons why test automation is fun. Are you ready to have fun with us? Sign up for our two-week free trial!


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