Virtuoso and Test Automation Managed Services

Published on
May 16, 2023
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

Virtuoso enables service providers to deliver quality software at never-before-seen speed and scale.

As much as we encourage everyone to sport an in-house QA team, we also understand that it might not be a viable option. If you’re a startup or small business, you may not have the resources, and if you’re an enterprise, you might be looking for a flex testing team that can scale up and down based on your project requirements. This is where managed testing services come in! We’ll go over what those are, how they can help, and how they integrate with Virtuoso.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services are a type of outsourcing model where a company contracts with an external service provider to take over certain aspects of its operations. The goal of managed services is to provide companies with a cost-effective, efficient way to manage their IT infrastructure while also freeing up internal resources for other business-critical projects.

In the managed services model, the service provider can take responsibility for a wide range of IT functions, such as network and server management, database administration, security, application support, and, of course, test automation. While the customer wouldn’t have to worry about any of these, they also have no say in how the service or support is delivered.

Benefits of Managed Services

One of the main benefits of managed services is that they allow companies to leverage the expertise of external IT professionals. These professionals are typically highly trained and experienced in their respective areas, which enables them to provide a higher level of support than would be possible with a small internal team. Additionally, managed services providers often have access to innovative technology that may not be available to companies with smaller budgets.

Another significant advantage of managed services is cost savings. Companies can avoid the high capital expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure by shifting to a managed services model. Instead of investing in expensive hardware and software, they can pay a monthly fee (or whatever their contract stipulates) for the services they need. This predictable pricing model can also make it easier for companies to budget for IT expenses.

Managed services providers also typically offer 24/7 support, which can be critical in today's global business environment. IT problems can occur at any time, and having a service provider available around the clock can ensure that issues are resolved quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping the business running smoothly.

Virtuoso and Managed Services

Alright, that was a lot of information on managed services, but what does this have to do with Virtuoso? Well, we have several partners like Moolya and DXC who provide managed services in test automation. Some customers are fine using Selenium, but for smaller businesses, paying for the use of such a large framework can be expensive. Plus, automation frameworks like Selenium are slow to start showing results due to the time it takes to author tests. Virtuoso is a more cost-effective solution for companies with a tight budget and ends up saving both the customer and service provider time and money.

Are you a Managed Service Provider?

Maybe you’re a managed service provider with test automation, and you’re thinking “Well, I already provide Selenium, so why would I need to add in Virtuoso?” As someone who works in the tech industry, you probably understand the importance of innovation, and end customers like knowing that service providers are staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. This way, end customers know that they’re getting the biggest bang for their buck.

It’s essential for customers to have confidence in their service providers, and providers can promote this feeling by showing that they’re innovating and adapting for more efficient results. With Virtuoso, our partners can deliver more for less, leading to increased margins, reduced testing costs, and more speed and agility.

So, thinking about adding Virtuoso to your test automation offerings? Check out our Partners Page and get in touch with our partner team! No obligations, just a chat to see how we can enable you to deliver quality software at greater speed and scale. 


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