Test Automation for Legal Tech

Published on
November 3, 2022
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

Discover how codeless test automation can empower your legal business with the right competitive advantage in the digital era.

Gone are the days when legal businesses operated out of stereotypical white-collar boardrooms. As other industries have warmed up to the promise of ‘digital’, law firms have not been far behind in embracing change and adopting technology solutions that can reduce manual effort, improve efficiency, and optimize costs.

The Rise & Rise of Legal Tech

As per PwC’s Law Firms Survey 2022, legal firms are closely monitoring cyber security threats to business and are investing more in cloud technology solutions to safeguard their business functions. They are quickly realizing the competitive advantage of remaining agile in the face of volatile market conditions.

Legal technology adoption has been a primary disruptor across internal support and legal service delivery functions such as pricing, resource management, documentation, reporting, and billing. The end results? A lean and mean business model that prioritizes quality client service and paves the way for new roles, services, and functions.

360° Strategic Vision

While going digital promises big impact, it also requires a strategic vision that considers how your legal tech platform can best be optimized to complement your business’ specialized acumen and talent.

Upgrades and pivots are typical of any legal tech software and its KPIs– hence, it’s crucial that you choose the right technology that is most suited to your legal and software needs. Your QA and testing teams must ensure that your application is reliable, secure, and performs under load at peak efficiency.

Most importantly, they should incorporate a cross-functional approach that involves not just those with technical experience, but subject-matter experts, with a clear understanding of the nuances of the legal industry. Here is our e-book on Test Automation Adoption, where we discuss in depth the strategy and different ways to organize your QA teams– how to set up tests, organize in-sprint testing, and review test results critically.

Test Automation for Legal Tech- The ‘How’ Explained

Choosing the right software is a crucial business decision as is ensuring your teams can test critical use cases such as data analysis, knowledge management, streamlining legal workflows, data visualization & legal performance analysis.

While manual testing is error-prone and has limits to the volume of data handled, automated testing supported by AI and ML technologies guarantees markedly improved test coverage and accuracy. With rapid technology advancements, your legal tech software must be tested for maximum resilience, optimal performance, and cost savings derived.

With functional testing, you can test your legal tech software against both common and unique scenarios that would play out on the daily. With automated performance testing, you can run tests to ensure the software is performing optimally under load, and at maximum uptime. The same goes for automated regression testing that ensures new features and upgrades are introduced smoothly, with minimal disruption. You can also automate cross-browser, cross-device testing to ensure optimal user experience.

Benefits of Test Automation for Legal Tech

With test automation, you are empowered with a systematic, data-oriented approach that removes manual error, optimizes costs, and enables processing of larger volumes of data in lesser time, with improved speed and accuracy.

What’s more, you will have enabled improved cross-functional collaboration (across QA, IT, and legal teams), automated complex legal workflows, and developed an adaptable & scalable process that emphasizes quality data and reporting.

With Virtuoso, Testing is No Longer Tedious!

Virtuoso’s codeless test automation platform leverages NLP to ensure accuracy and scale, empowering engineers and non-engineers alike to author robust tests, run API and functional tests, all on a single platform. Here’s what we help deliver to our clients:

  • Scale: Test at any scale in parallel on the cloud
  • Speed: Enable 10X faster execution
  • Quality: Build tests that behave like your users
  • Agility: Enable 100% in-sprint test automation

Curious to see Virtuoso in action? We’d love for you to join us on our webinar, Test Automation for Legal Tech, on November 29th. You can register here to join James Bent, our VP of Solutions Engineering, as he discusses how you can automate testing for your legal tech platform, improve speed and accuracy with codeless test automation, and provide a quality-first client experience.

Can't wait for the webinar to go live? You can either book a demo or sign up for a free trial and let the product speak for itself!


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