Unleashing Synthetic Test Data Generation with Virtuoso's Advanced AI Assistant

Published on
July 11, 2023
Rishabh Kumar
Channel Marketing Executive

Virtuoso's AI can generate robust synthetic test data to power your test automation.

Test data generation has traditionally been a challenging process and a pivotal determinant of a successful test strategy. In the past, complications in this area have often contributed to numerous test failures, but that narrative is finally shifting. Virtuoso, always pioneering the leading edge of quality assurance, is here to turbocharge your testing process with our latest innovative capability: the generation of synthetic test data driven by advanced AI. This generative AI-powered feature is about to catapult your test case development process into the future, freeing you to focus more on the nuances of your testing strategy.

Virtuoso's AI, crafted around sophisticated algorithms and Machine Learning models, autonomously generates synthetic test data with richness and contextual relevance. This ground-breaking approach equips your test suites with diverse, lifelike data sets, making managing data-driven tests a breeze and ensuring that every possible test scenario gets covered. However, it’s important to remember that our AI Assistant, though highly intelligent, isn’t infallible. We recommend double-checking the generated synthetic data to verify its safety and efficacy in bolstering your testing efforts.

When you're piecing together a data-driven test suite, every journey gets partnered with a unique test data table. Each test runs through every data row from the linked table, giving you a level of test coverage that manual or simplistic scripted techniques can only dream of.

When it comes to creating test data tables, Virtuoso offers you two routes: manual and AI-assisted. Going manual, you can input a CSV file with attribute names and corresponding values. However, the real game-changer is our AI-assisted method, which accelerates the creation of complex synthetic test data. Once you specify your data requirements, Virtuoso's AI steps in to craft a data set tailored just for you, down to the finest detail.

What sets our AI-assisted approach apart is its intelligent ability to extract context from the table name you input. For example, if you label your table "High-End Cars," our AI gets the message, generating relevant, luxury car data, making your synthetic data as true-to-life as possible.

Managing and incorporating synthetic test data into your testing journeys is effortless, courtesy of Virtuoso's intuitive design. Not only can you import and update data with ease, but you can also tweak data attributes, reshuffle data rows, and delete rows or attributes at the click of a button. To give you control over your data-driven testing, you can integrate data attributes directly into your test steps using variable names or handy drag-and-drop functionality.

Where Virtuoso's AI-driven synthetic test data generation truly stands out is in handling complex execution strategies. With our "Execute Advanced" option, you can run tests using multiple rows from your data table, effectively mirroring complex real-world scenarios. Virtuoso even allows you to hand-pick specific subsets of data rows or use filter-based selection, paving the way for bespoke testing strategies tailored to your complex applications.

Interpreting your test results is a cinch. The execution report delivers a breakdown of the outcome of each data row, offering insights into how your application performs under different data conditions. This detailed feedback empowers you to fine-tune your application, optimizing its stability and performance across a myriad of scenarios.

Adding to its powerful data handling capabilities, Virtuoso offers an option to input initial data for one-shot data-driven tests. This means you can provide data on the go during the execution of your test journeys. This data can be manually defined or imported from any previous execution job, allowing you to replicate real-world conditions with unprecedented accuracy.

In a nutshell, Virtuoso is spearheading a revolution in data-driven testing with its AI-driven synthetic test data generation. By automating the labor-intensive task of creating and managing test data, Virtuoso gives you the freedom to channel your energy into creating more effective testing strategies and delivering top-tier applications. If you're ready to join the quality-first revolution and supercharge your testing process, Virtuoso is your go-to platform. Let's build better together, because quality wins!


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