Mobile Cloud and Virtuoso Joint Webinar: Operational Assurance


Tessa McDaniel


Content Specialist


Self-healing tests, automation, codeless interface: Virtuoso has all of these incredible features, but how exactly can we keep our promise that everything will run smoothly? With Mobile Cloud, we can ensure that your environments and automation work correctly. 

Ok, great, but… how? Excellent question! And one that Virtuoso and Mobile Cloud can explain in-depth along with answering any other questions you may have through our joint Webinar. They can also show how the partnership between Mobile Cloud and Virtuoso can save you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches by streamlining testing. 

As experts in the fields of cloud environments and test automation, Mobile Cloud and Virtuoso can answer all of your questions. Mobile Cloud is the leading partner for Blue Prism automation solutions globally and has invented several successful automation proposals. They provide a wide range of services in AI and ML automation, giving you control over the level of customization you want. 

Speaking of customization, this webinar has been perfectly scheduled for whichever time zone you’re in! Alright, west-coast USers, 7am might be a bit bright and early to be chipper, but coffee fixes everything, right? So check out our times and sign up for the Webinar!

Thursday 25th November 2021,

4pm Berlin ☕ 3pm London ☕ 10am New York ☕ 7am LA

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