"Meeting of Minds" - A Recap of QA Company & Virtuoso’s Collaborative Session

Published on
April 3, 2024
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

Here's a quick roundup of QA Company's "Meeting of Minds" session where Virtuoso participated to discuss the evolving role of AI in QA.

Last week, QA Company, Virtuoso’s trusted partner in the Netherlands hosted “Meeting of Minds”, a one-of-its-kind in-person knowledge sharing session which brought together 15 participants, including members from the Dutch Tax Authority and decision-makers from the insurance industry. By combining the knowledge of testers, test automation engineers and several customers, we delved into the evolving role of AI in testing as well as Virtuoso’s very own AI-powered capabilities. It truly was a special evening, but first, more about QA Company and our partnership–

About QA Company

QA Company leverages years of experience, working with QA and software testing professionals. Their services render a real difference in the testing community, whether a team needs a temporary technical expert, advice on implementing a testing strategy, or getting low-code/no-code test automation up and running. 

Virtuoso + QA Company

Virtuoso and QA Company partnered up in February 2024, combining Virtuoso’s AI-powered test automation platform with QA Company’s years of experience in the testing industry. Andy Dickin, Channel Director at Virtuoso, says, “We’re excited to combine our next-generation, AI-led test automation platform with QA company’s undoubted pedigree in delivering best-in-class testing solutions. Our partnership is the key to unlocking innovation, ensuring quality, and accelerating the journey to flawless software for organizations in the Netherlands.” Read more about the partnership here

"Meeting of Minds" Event Recap 

The event kicked off with a lively discussion with Jelle Schutte and Bart R. sharing provocative statements about AI, sparking different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented by this rapidly advancing technology. We explored its potential impact on testing methodologies, tool selection, as well as team dynamics.

This was followed by a presentation by Andy Dickin, Virtuoso’s Channel Director. Andy dove right in to discuss Virtuoso’s AI-led capabilities such as AI authoring, self-healing scripts, Live Authoring with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language extensions with AI, AI generated test data and AI enabled root cause analysis. He also discussed the transformational outcomes that companies across public, BFSI and commercial sectors derived through Virtuoso. 


 "QA Company’s 'Meeting of Minds' events are designed to bring together industry professionals to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends and innovations," said Jelle Schutte, the organizer of the QA Company event. "The enthusiasm and engagement we saw at this session was truly gratifying, and we're looking forward to continuing this important dialogue in the months to come."

Speaking about his experience at the event, Andy Dickin says, “It was a great opportunity to discuss AI usage and how it correlates to quality assurance. The atmosphere of the session was very inclusive, full of participation and great fun to present Virtuoso’s capabilities.” 

The attendees were highly enthusiastic about the opportunities opened up by Virtuoso’s platform. "It was a truly engaging and informative event," said one participant. "The insights shared on the future of AI in testing were thought-provoking, and the Virtuoso presentation was a real eye-opener. I can't wait to see the tool in action."

That’s A Wrap…

The event was met with great enthusiasm, and we are thrilled to have opened up new areas of discussion through this exchange. We look forward to continuing our partnership with QA Company and engaging on projects that can truly benefit from AI-led testing and innovation.

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