Live Authoring is Launched: Strap yourselves in

Published on
April 19, 2022
Ryan Thornton
VP of Marketing

Virtuoso has just launched live authoring and it’s going to take the software testing world by storm.

Brace, brace, brace. Virtuoso has just launched live authoring and it’s going to take the software testing world by storm. So what is it? Live authoring allows you to dynamically author test steps, then simultaneously compiles and executes them with bots on a headless browser. Rather than letting that sink in let's go right ahead and dig into it, or you can watch the video if you prefer:

What’s this all about?

Traditionally when tests are authored you need to complete the test and hit the execute button, only to find that the test does not work. You then go back and fiddle with the step that did not pass, hit execute, and invariably find another step that did not pass. Which can be incredibly frustrating. Live Authoring does away with this situation completely. As each test step you write is simultaneously executed and validated as you write them you know your tests will run the second they are done. Time for a gif: 

Here we see how Virtuoso sends your very own bot off to do your bidding on a headless browser. Authoring, executing, and validating is now a single act. Simply write your test steps in Natural Language and watch them become instantly validated before your very eyes. 

We can confirm it’s not a recorder

Interact with your application under test’s UI using your mouse to create test steps. Not as an “audit trail” as you would have with a recorder. Each step is once again simultaneously executed and validated as you create them while interacting with your UI. Do we think there might be another image coming? Yea of course there is: 

Simply right-mouse click and select the actions you wish to perform. Then let Virtuoso tell you if they passed instantly. 

Turn it up to 11 

And if this veritable feast of bleeding-edge capabilities has left you hungry for more then it is time to toggle on advanced mode. You know DevTools, well you can harness their power from within Virtuoso’s headless browser. Benefit from the ability to inspect elements, network traffic, console logs and errors, and monitor the page memory and performance. All in the very same environment that you are performing your test. Speaking of which, when you find a bug the environment in which it was produced is both saved and sharable. No need for the development team to try to reproduce your bug. All you need to do is copy your URL and share it with them. They will then be able to see the bug, the environment in which it was produced, and make use of the DevTools they are familiar with. 

Let me at it

Sounds too good to be true? To be very honest it does to us as well. Live Authoring is so powerful it needs to be seen to be believed, words and gifs just don’t cut the mustard, which is why we are giving you two options to have a good look at it. Register for our webinar: Get in-sprint test automation with all-new live authoring, on Tuesday, 26th April 2022 to see the new capabilities in action. Can't possibly wait till then? Well, you better book a demo. What are you waiting for? Register or book to see how authoring tests is no longer a marathon, in fact, it’s in-sprint. 

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