Library Checkpoints: It’s Finally Here

Published on
January 9, 2023
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

This just in: the devs at Virtuoso have launched our latest product feature– Library Checkpoints– and here’s why they are going to be a game changer for your testing journey!

Picture this: you spend hours writing and rewriting the same test steps for new goals in a single project. What if there was a way to save such common sequences and reuse them whenever you like? Enter our latest product feature, Library Checkpoints– here’s a handy video for you to learn all about it.

How It Works

The Library Checkpoints feature enables you to reuse steps by importing them at any point in your journeys. Unlike shared checkpoints, they are not limited to a single use in each journey and are shared across your entire project. This feature proves really useful when you have your tests organized into multiple goals. This centralizes your maintenance instead of requiring you to manually copy changes between goals.

Want to dive into the tech specs of this feature? Read our full product documentation here.

Library Checkpoints are easily identifiable with the Library and Padlock icons used. The Padlock icon conveys how the checkpoint is linked to all goals where it is being used. In case you want to update a checkpoint only in a single goal, you can go ahead and unlink it too!

What’s more, all instances of a shared checkpoint can be converted into a library checkpoint so that it can be used in other goals within a project. You also have the option to remove library checkpoints from a journey and add it back anytime you choose. 

Unleash the Full Potential of Library Checkpoints

  • When choosing the test steps that make up a Library Checkpoint, make sure these steps are used across different journeys. The more commonly used they are, the more effective your Library Checkpoint becomes!
  • As Library Checkpoints are shared across your entire project, make sure that any updates you make are relevant across all journeys. If not, you always have the option to unlink the updated checkpoint and add this version to your library. 
  • What’s in a name? Apparently, everything. Be very specific about the name you give each Library Checkpoint, as it gives users clear information about the application, page, and data where it’s being used. 

With the twin forces of Live Authoring and Library Checkpoints combined, you have a test automation behemoth capable of automating routine steps, cutting down on mindless repetition, and bringing in uniform updates just how you like it. 

Interested to learn more? You can either book a demo or sign up for a free trial and let the product speak for itself! 

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