G2 Spring Badges: Tooting our own horn and looking ahead

Published on
March 30, 2023
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

The Spring badges from G2 are here! We’re taking a second to pat ourselves on the back, but we’re always looking forward to what’s coming next.

Another season, another round of G2 badges! Some have remained the same, like our overall status as a Leader in the Test Automation category for Spring and as a Mid-Market High-Performer, but we’ve got some shiny new titles to tell you all about!

High Performer- Europe, India, Asia, Asia Pacific

Last time we updated you on our G2 status, we were a High Performer in Europe, but now this is extended to the other regions of India, Asia, and Asia-Pacific! This means we have a higher satisfaction rating, which is determined by 15 different data points collected from public G2 reviews. The more users leave reviews, the more visibility we get from G2 and anyone who is using G2 to help them find a test automation tool. 

Momentum Leader

This is a fun new one to add to our collection! As a Momentum Leader, we’re ranked in the top 25% of the Test Automation category by our incredible G2 users. We want to rise even further, shooting to the top of the pack, so if you’re a Virtuoso user, consider leaving us a review!

High Performer - Small Business

We’re a small but proud business, and as far as Small Businesses in Test Automation go, we’re a High Performer there too! It can be hard to gain a foothold in an industry that has giants, but what we may lack in size, we make up for in both the excellence of our software and our scrappiness! Our platform gains more users by the day, and our community is growing: a testament to how much of a difference our scripted, codeless test automation has made!

Brand-New Features

We’ve added some exciting new updates, so let’s take a look! Before, with our Live Authoring, users had to start each run-through at the very beginning of the journey, but now with the “Run From Here” feature, users can start their journey at any point. Now, Virtuoso also adds a comment whenever a tag is added to or removed from a journey, enabling users to see the past history.

If you’re not a Virtuoso user, how about giving us a spin? We’ve got a two-week, free trial that is no-strings-attached. So, what have you got to lose? Start authoring your tests within mere minutes!


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