With Autumn Comes The Fall G2 Report!

Published on
September 15, 2023
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

Check out our G2 badges as well as get an overview of some of our most exciting new product updates!

We’re back at it again with our Fall G2 badges! This season, we’re proud to announce our firm standing as a high performer in multiple regions. We’ve also retained our status as a momentum leader thanks to all our lovely users and reviewers!

High Performer

This fall, not only are we high performers in Europe and the general world of test automation, but we can add EMEA and the UK to our belt too! Being a high performer means that we have a high satisfaction rate with our customers overall, especially in these three regions. 

Momentum Leader

This is our third season with this badge, and it means that users have ranked us in the top 25% of test automation products! We’re thrilled that our users enjoy using Virtuoso so much and find that it meets their needs and works well for them!

What’s New?

All in all, our status hasn’t really changed much since the Summer G2 report. So why don’t you stick around an extra moment and see the new changes to our product!

  • Editable plan targets - We've added the ability to edit journey-based plan targets, which allows you to easily redo a selection of journeys to be included in a plan. This feature makes it much simpler for you to adjust your execution strategies based on your current business needs.
  • Tags for test execution - By using tags to plan, you can decide on your test execution strategy, set up a plan and then be confident knowing that it will always execute the journeys that match your strategy, for example, executing only high-risk journeys. You can add journeys to a plan from one or all goals, based on the tags associated with those journeys.
  • Importing library checkpoints without duplication - We now have a prompt during import to select which library checkpoints to reuse or create as new. This prevents duplication and maintains reusability.
  • AI-powered test data - Virtuoso’s AI-powered assistant now helps you auto-generate test data right within the Virtuoso platform. All you have to do is describe the data table you need for your tests (in terms of structure and content), and our assistant will do the rest for you. You can read more about it here.

Before wrapping up, we of course have to thank all our lovely users. We wouldn’t be the test automation platform we are without you! We get a lot of invaluable feedback and suggestions over on our Discord server, and if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them! If you’d like to leave us a review to help us climb up into the Leader quadrant, you can find our G2 page here. We value all your feedback, the good and the bad! 

Until next time - happy testing!


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