Cross-browser Testing Isn’t So Scary!

Published on
December 21, 2021
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

The words “advanced settings” always make me a bit apprehensive, but initiating cross-browser tests was quite easy for this tech newbie!

Surprise, I’m back! Did you miss me? Today we’re looking at (drumroll, please) cross-browser testing! This is a feature that I was rather unsure about trying out. It sounded a bit complicated to me, but I was excited to tackle the challenge!

Except… it wasn’t a challenge. It was truly far easier than I thought it would be! It was simple to toggle on a cross-browser test, and it ran as a one-off so I didn’t have to worry about making a separate test. And it was easy to create a virtual environment on a different operating system, browser, and even browser version. And scheduling cross-browser tests was even easier than I could’ve imagined! The scheduling function is completely customizable for frequency, time running the test, and on as many browsers as I wanted. Check it out!

If I had a website, it would be great to not have to worry about checking back in on the tests once they were scheduled. It’s great that such a vital part of testing is so simple. I ran a few other tests after filming the video, one of them on a mobile android device. The practice e-commerce website I used works a bit differently on mobile: The formatting got a bit wonky and the number of items per page was different, so the test failed. But Virtuoso's snapshot function (and more on that in my next video/blog post combination!) made it super easy to see exactly what was different and why the test couldn't complete.

The cross-browser testing was so easy that I really don’t have much more to say! To make up for this shorter post, please accept this photo of my cat. The next ABC video and blog post will be coming out in January, so I look forward to seeing you there! Enjoy your holiday season!

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