Building a More Complicated Test

Published on
December 14, 2021
Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Team Lead

After successfully authoring a simple login test, our marketing person decided to tackle building a more complicated automated test!

Hey, nice to see you again! I hope you enjoyed reading about and watching my first test. I decided to go for something more complicated this time around since someone with a website would need to test a lot more components than just the login. So, how about testing whether an e-commerce site would work? One would need to make sure that you can add things to the shopping bag and checkout with ease. Virtuoso has a safe, virtual environment site for testing, so I decided to run my test as if I were going to buy something. My day-to-day bag is covered in pins, so naturally, I had to try buying a pin!

Building The Test

There were a lot more steps this time around, so I had the website up next to Virtuoso so I could follow along while I built the automated test. First of all, I had to get Virtuoso to the right page where the pin could be found. I thought the software might need a bit more direction to find the “2” to indicate the next page, but I didn’t need to be any more specific than “click on ‘2’”! Once Virtuoso clicked on the pin, I wanted to make sure I was buying the right thing, so I used the “look for element” command to ensure that the description of the right pin was on the page. Then, Virtuoso could add it to my bag knowing it was exactly what I wanted!

Once Virtuoso navigated to my shopping bag, the complicated part began. I had to tell Virtuoso to enter a bunch of information like an address, credit card info, and everything else you’d need to enter into an online checkout. The trick when entering the info is to tell Virtuoso to put it in what is in the box, not what the box is called. For example, when I entered the CSV code, I told Virtuoso to type it in the field “xxx” not the field “CSV” (see 4:06). 

Finally, it was time to execute (or “engage” as my geek-wired brain put it). It took a while for the test to get started, but it’s so satisfying seeing those little circles turn green. And it worked! Having a more complicated test complete successfully was very exciting, so I’m going to do another test. Next week, I’ll start playing with the cross-browser features and swiftly learn how to use them!

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