The Benefits of AI-Powered Test Automation Explained

Published on
November 3, 2023
Sneha Christall
Product Marketing Manager

Here’s how an AI-powered test automation approach can unlock enhanced test maintenance and coverage with faster time-to-value.

As more and more DevOps teams move towards the model of Continuous Testing, test automation techniques need to ramp up in terms of speed, agility, and test coverage. With advancements in the field of AI-powered test automation, this demand is now becoming a reality. 

With dynamically evolving AI-powered tests, organizations are better placed to ship faster, improve business continuity, and reduce time-to-market. While legacy automation testing tools have a ways to go, there are several new-age tools like Virtuoso that are addressing the need for continuous test monitoring and maintenance with an AI-powered test automation approach. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of incorporating an AI-powered test automation solution, as well as some of Virtuoso’s finer capabilities that help you enable constant test monitoring and maintenance and deliver consistent quality. 

Benefits of AI-Powered Test Automation

While AI can optimize certain aspects of your testing by expanding test coverage and reducing test maintenance costs, it would be overkill to promise that it is a one-stop solution for all your test automation woes. Here’s the lowdown on exactly what’s possible with a well-strategized AI-powered test automation platform:

Fit right into Continuous Testing

Automate multiple tests to run in parallel as frequently as you like. Speed up test execution turnaround by 70% and implement Continuous Testing throughout your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 

Boost Accuracy

With an AI-backed approach, eliminate manual error and pick up on even the finest of changes to dynamic data. Reduce test authoring time and empower your teams with more time for development. 

Obliterate Test Maintenance

Unlock the full power of self-healing tests that work proactively rather than reactively to fix errors, and cut down on pesky test maintenance. 

Gain Competitive Edge

The need for speed in software development is real. With AI-powered test automation, you can finally deliver on the promise of shipping at scale and quality.

Virtuoso’s AI-Powered Test Automation

Virtuoso does not rely on Xpaths or selectors but intelligently identifies objects as a human would, ensuring you build robust, low-maintenance, self-healing tests. Our capabilities include Intelligent Object Identification and Self-Healing Tests. 

Our AI works to convert plain English commands to ‘real’ code, so you and your team are empowered to write tests in plain English without losing out on the true power of code. With AI-powered visual regression testing, you can pick up visual changes automatically with 100% accuracy!

With Intelligent Object Identification, anybody can author tests using plain English. Our Machine Learning-powered bots intelligently identify elements based on the given hint; they parse the DOM and collect relevant selectors, IDs, and attributes to build a model of the element. 

When dynamic properties change, Virtuoso’s Self-Healing Tests automatically identify errors, proactively remapping elements and repairing tests automatically. This helps save crucial time that would have been spent on test maintenance.

Why Choose Virtuoso?

There are several reasons why our customers have chosen us on their AI-powered test automation journey. Here are just a few of them:

  • Empower anyone to test with AI-powered tests scripted in plain English
  • Spend less time on test maintenance by using our self-healing AI
  • Reduce manual error by enabling automated and robust quality checks
  • Automate tests to run continuously throughout the SDLC
  • Boost time to value with efficient, speedy testing powered by human-AI collaboration

That’s Not All!

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